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Creativity Workshop

Starts: 20 November 2009
Ends:  21 November 2009

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Understanding Affective Dynamics in the 

Researching Affect  and Affective 

Communication Seminar Series


Creativity Workshop

20th & 21st November 2009 – City University, London


Some theoretical work on affect emphasises the importance of creativity. Creativity is important because of the apparently chaotic and rhizomatic manner in which contagion and viral communication spreads. This has some affinity with chaos theory which deals with metastable systems, that is systems that are provisionally stable but remain dynamically open to being affected by any variation in the conditions and forces at work in the system. Given that social science has tended to be based on the possibilities for prediction, this creates some problems. What methods are available to explore creativity in action? This theme with bring social scientists using into dialogue with practitioners who emphasise the centrality of creativity. The presenters for this session consist of Dr Andy Goffey Middlesex University, who uses the work of Guattari,  whose groupwork stressed the central importance of working with the unpredictability of creative yet unusual links made by schizophrenic patients within groupwork, Dr James Evans, Geography,  Manchester University, who uses the work of Deleuze within geographic research and Gordon Lawrence, who is an organisational consultant who developed a method called ‘the social dreaming matrix’, which uses an associative method to share dreams within a group. Based on a seminal study in 1930s Germany of dreams dreamt alone by Jewish Germans, it presented a clear sense of the social affective content of dreaming, in which affective links between people can be understood beyond those shared in waking life. The technique utilises simply the sharing of dreams to understand not their individual quality but the social associative links which bind them. This method uses both a holistic (matrix) and associational approach. The workshop involved participation in a social dreaming matrix.



- Dr James Evans, is Lecturer in the Department of Geography at Manchester University

- Dr Andy Goffey, is Senior Lecturer in Cultural Studies at Middles University

- Dr Gordon Lawrence, is a former consultant at the Tavistock Institute for Social Research, now an independent organisational consultant and founder of Social Dreaming

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Dr Gordon Lawrence - 21/11/09 from Valerie Walkerdine on Vimeo.


Dr Andy Goffey - 20/11/09 from Valerie Walkerdine on Vimeo.





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