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Medicine, Science and Culture (MeSC) Research Interest Group

Starts: 25 January 2012

Wednesday 2-4pm, 25 January 2012, Glamorgan Building (room 0.85)

The Medicine, Science and Culture Research Interest Group present:

Thinking through the social study of science and technology: science and knowledge as culture

This session will be dedicated to thinking through the social study of science and technology, with a particular emphasis on the notion of science and knowledge as culture. It will be of interest to those whose research interests lie broadly within the fields of medicine, science, or STS. The session will proceed with two informal presentations, both of which are outlined below, followed by an open debate involving all attendees. The debate will concern both the presentations and what events members would like to be organised in the coming academic year. 

Our speakers for this session are Tiago Ribeiro Duarte and Dr. Mara Miele:

Tiago Ribeiro Duarte (PhD student, Cardiff)

Studies of Expertise and Experience: Considering Culture

In this presentation I will examine how the notion of culture is linked to the theoretical framework of ‘Studies of Expertise and Experience’. I will discuss the concept of ‘forms of life’, particularly how it can be thought through as interacting with culture, together with a consideration of tacit knowledge which essentially constitutes the ‘glue’ that holds a form of life together. Drawing on my own research on expertise in climate change, I will also illustrate how these concepts can be applied in Science, Technology, and Society (STS) research.

Dr. Mara Miele (Senior Fellow, Cardiff University)

In Search of Animals’ Emotions

Cohen argues that “no single object or body has meaning . . . without reference to the other forces, intensities, affects, and directions to which it is conjoined and within which it is always in the process of becoming something other, something new” (Medieval Identity, 76). He suggests that animals, humans, and objects must be appraised together as they form various, temporary clusters of active beings. In this presentation, drawing on material semiotics/ ANT insights and sensibilities, I will look at one such temporary cluster of animal scientists and sheep brought together in a specific experiment and a set of  animal science practices dedicated to explore sheep emotions in an animal science farm/laboratory of INRA in Clermont Ferrand, France, that took place in 2009-2010.

All are welcome and there is no need to register. If you require any more information, please contact Gareth Thomas ( or Rebecca Dimond (


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Open To: Staff and Students