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Equalty2020: Creating Our Vision for Wales

Starts: 11 September 2012

Equality 2020 / Cydraddoldeb 2020

On these web-pages you will find the speeches and presentations from the Welsh Government, local government, the voluntary sector, public service providers and academics from Cardiff University, School of Social Sciences discussed at the Equality2020 conference on 11th September 2012 at the Millennium Stadium, Cardiff.

By bringing together equality champions from over 70 different organisations to discuss how we can share ideas and collaborate to create the kind of better society we want, we have begun the process of creating a shared vision for equality in Wales.

If there was a main theme emerging, it was how poverty and disadvantage impacts particularly on people who fall within the scope of the protected characteristics. Jane Hutt, Minister for Finance and Leader of the House with responsibility for equality told us the government was well aware of these links and is working to integrate equality and anti-poverty strategies. To find out more about what the minister said please click here.

Kate Bennett, Director of the EHRC reminded us that the most marginalised, are those who most need the services and ‘safety net’ provided by the state and public services. However, before moving to a shared vision of how to promote equality, Victoria Winckler, Director of the Bevan Foundation, starkly outlined how we must guard against the reversal of progress resulting from welfare reform.

Five organisations representing the voluntary sector provided powerful vignettes of the difficulties of daily life for disadvantaged people. They then created a vision of how simple interventions to remove barriers or imbuing service delivery with the principles of autonomy, dignity and respect could; tackle the crushing of aspiration and provide independence for young people with disabilities and older people with healthcare needs, free young lesbian and gay people to be fully included in their communities and produce culturally specific services that meet the distinct needs of black and minority ethnic women experiencing domestic violence.  We heard how co-production, where services commissioners and service providers create equality outcome focused provision could take us forward.

Academics from Cardiff University, School for Social Sciences, discussed latest research and policy options including tackling widespread and damaging ill treatment in the workplace; the prevalence of low paid work in the Welsh economy as a whole and specifically the way certain groups become clustered in low paid insecure work; innovative policing in disadvantaged communities, and educational attainment and intervention strategies in disadvantaged communities.

Finally, we heard about the challenges ahead in local government and health due to public spending cuts, and how embedding mainstreaming equality principles could create the kinds of services needed to help to prevent entrenched inequalities being sustained through each new generation.  

We hope that the slides will be an invaluable resource, and would be pleased to hear from you about how to build and maintain dialogue, and collaboration, across the public, private, voluntary and community sectors so that we can create a shared vision for equality in Wales.

Some feedback from the conference has already been received. This can be read by clicking here.

To view the original event page please click here.

Mae fersiwn Cymraeg o'r dudalen hon ar gael yma

Conference Resources

A number of resources, including papers, presentations and programmes from the conference can be downloaded using the links below. 

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