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Measuring Markets: the case of the Education Reform
Act 1988
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This is an introduction to the ESRC-funded  project "Measuring Markets: the case of the Education Reform Act 1988" (Grant number R000238031) in the School of Social Sciences at Cardiff University of Wales.  We are studying the changing  social composition of school intakes in England & Wales since 1988 and their relationship with admissions procedures, 'local' markets and examination performances. This research builds upon previous studies by Dr Stephen Gorard and Dr John Fitz. The basis for this project is data provided by the Department for Education & Employment and the Welsh Assembly on the number of students eligible for, and taking up, free school meals in every secondary school. The analysis of this empirical data is supported by interviews with LEA admissions officers and interviews with senior school staff. 

What's New

  • We have now come to the end of our ESRC-funded project. You can view our ESRC End of Award Report here. All three phases of our research have now been completed, although we have yet to fully disseminate the findings from the last phase - the schools' perspectives of the 'established' education market - so please keep an eye on this website for further developments.
  • The discussions page (containing references, working papers, and conference presentations) has now been fully updated - although this almost changes daily!! You can also access two papers we presented to the American Educational Research Association 2002 annual conference in New Orleans, USA.
  • We have also updated our Examples page which provides a presentation of part of our research involving the use of segregation indices. The discussion given here is useful to those interested in measuring segregation between schools and in general.

These Web Pages

These web pages are designed to provide an overview of our project and to provide a source of dissemination of our research. The description page outlines the project in more depth and includes our aims and objectives. The discussion provides a bibliography of our research that is of relevance to the project. Also where possible we have links to the actual text of our publications. The examples page is yet to be developed but we hope that this will include details over some of the methodological issues that arise from the project and details about the empirical techniques we are employing. The links page is not intended to be a definitive source of all things but will include links to other sites which are of relevance to this project. This will be added to over the next two years so please revisit this page. If you wish to find out a little more about the members of this project then please go to the participants page. 

If you find this research of interest and would be keen to learn more about our findings then please visit these pages regularly as they will be consistently updated throughout the project period (Sept 1999 to Sept 2001). 

If you would like to find out more about this project then please do not hesitate in contacting Chris Taylor

Thanks for visiting. 

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