Methodological Questions

Methodologically the research aimed to exploit the full the possibilities of contemporary information and communication technologies (ICT). The research took advantage of new multimedia technology in aiming to provide a fully integrated multimedia ethnography.

Key Issues

Our hypermedia research has highlighted a number of key issues:

The visual and text: The potential for visual and print media to inform each other in the construction of ethnography has been under-developed. A hypermedia environment, on the other hand, allows for the creative reintegration of these two dimensions.

Analysis and representation: We have set ourselves the task of producing an environment that is suited for both the organisation and analysis of the data by the researcher and the representation of that analysis to a reader.

Rethinking research narratives: The construction of hypermedia narratives, and their implications for the social sciences was a major theme of the project.

Multi-skilling: Our research has demonstrated that multi-dimensional projects of this nature require a range of new skills, expertise, and technical resources that need to be brought to bear in flexible.