Workshop 1: Sharing, Reusing and Representing Qualitative Digital Data: An Interactive Training Workshop

Tuesday 4th July 2006
Cardiff School of Social Sciences, Glamorgan Building, Cathays Campus.

This workshop will provide an overview of the current issues and dilemmas associated with sharing, reusing and representing various forms of qualitative digital data. Drives by the ESRC and Economic and Social Data Service towards effectively storing qualitative data for independent re-use and re-purposing are now coming to the fore. Increasingly doctoral students and researchers are being encouraged to be mindful of the ‘future’ uses of their data following primary analysis. The workshop aims to engage participants with these initiatives through two substantive streams:

i) Current Issues in Qualitative Data Sharing, Reuse and Representation.

This stream will introduce participants to the key debates about sharing, representing and reusing digital multi-media qualitative data. Key questions to be considered include:

• Why store and share qualitative data?
• What are the methodological, ethical and technical implications of long-term
multi-media qualitative data storage, preservation and re-use?
• What preparations need to be made before storing and sharing multi-media
• What issues surround the representation of stored multi-media qualitative
• What would an independent researcher need to know about the methodological
context of a data-set they intend to re-use?
• What role does eXtensible Mark-up Language (XML) play in storing and reusing
multi-media qualitative data?

ii) “Building a Trail of Evidence”: Methodological Context and Qualitative Data Storage and Reuse.

The second stream will focus on context: how can you best provide contextual information to allow subsequent re-use of your data? And what are the dilemmas of doing so? It will introduce participants to a hypermedia methodological ‘trail’ that aims to provide a suitable context to data collected in a qualitative research project. The original project focused upon a science discovery centre and utilised various methods of multi-media data collection (digital audio, photographs and video). An Ethnographic Hypermedia Environment (EHE) was created to represent data and analysis to the reader which incorporates several ‘trails’ detailing the main findings. We have now added a ‘methods trail’ in order to explore some of the issues involved in archiving and re-using the existing data. Workshop participants will be invited to navigate the methods trail and associated ‘evidence’ and discuss its design, content and ‘effectiveness’ in providing a suitable context for independent data reuse.

This event is open to all researchers, including postgraduate students and non-academic researchers. The event is free and refreshments will be provided. However, we cannot assist with travel costs and places will be limited so booking early is encouraged.

For further information about this event and to book a place please contact
Beth Charles at charlesb@cardiff.ac.uk

To download the registration form click here.

Workshop 2: the success of the first workshop has led to the organisation of a second due this summer - WATCH THIS SPACE FOR FURTHER DETAILS