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This project ran from 1 Sep 05 to 04 Dec 06. The full Research Report (Dicks, B (2007).
Methodological Issues in Qualitative Data Sharing and Archiving : Full Research Report. ESRC End of Award Report, RES-346-25-3010. Swindon: ESRC REFERENCE No. RES-346-25-3010) can be accessed here.

This project resulted in the production of:
1. An Online Guide [hyperlinked], which is is an online electronic resource for researchers
preparing qualitative data for archiving. It draws on our experimentation with archiving and
contextualising multimedia qualitative datasets. The guide was organised in relation to four
identified challenges facing originators in preparing data for re-use;
a. Multimedia: the choice of recording medium to represent multimodal research data.
b. Context: the amount and nature of methodological and substantive contextual information provided.
c. Organisation: the labelling, retrieval, identification and navigability of data-records, including through XML metadata.
d. Ethics: ethical, legal and political issues of data sharing.

2. A Methodological Trail [hyperlinked to EHE as below].This interactive online trail was designed as a vehicle through which the project could experiment with and demonstrate how methodological context can be integrated into stored qualitative data. The project worked with and built upon an existing electronic hypermedia environment (EHE), which already offered access to a multimedia hyperlinked digital data set, and authored interpretative trails (giving readers access to original data and analysis). The methodological trail was constructed as a means of assessing the potential and challenges of granting readers (re-users) integrated access to four domains of methodological information;
a. Research definition: e.g., original research questions and field of study, field access,
methodological approaches of the original research.
b. Field relations: e.g. research practices, ethical issues, reflexivity
c. Data generation: e.g. managing data records, equipment choices
d. Analysis and findings: e.g. interpretative frameworks, issues of representation.

3. Briefing papers. These were designed to provide overviews of existing work in the areas of XML as a mark-up language of potential use in qualitative data archiving, and a discussion of ethical issues confronting data storage.
a. Possibilities of multi-media qualitative data archiving using eXtensible Mark-up Language (XML);
b. Qualitative data archiving and reuse: mapping the ethical terrain URL: http://www.cf.ac.uk/socsi/hyper/QUADS/working_papers.html

4. A workshop, entitled, ‘Sharing, reusing and representing qualitative digital data: An
interactive training workshop
’, as held at Cardiff University, July 2006, hosted by Qualiti,
Cardiff Node, ESRC National Centre for Research Methods. 20 participants from across the UK
attended this workshop, including early career researchers.

Please also see: Dicks B, Mason B, Williams M and Coffey A (2006) Ethnography and
data reuse: issues of context and hypertext, Methodological
Innovations Online, 1, 2.

Methodological issues in qualitative data sharing and archiving (MIQDAS) Powerpoint Presentation