Future Matters: Action, Knowledge Ethics

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Special Issue of 21st Century Society, Future Matters

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Welcome to ‘In Pursuit of the Future’, a three-year research project under the UK Economic and Social Research Council’s Professorial Fellowship Scheme.

Every day, we engage with the future.

  • We make the future daily by economic, political and technological means.
  • We attempt to know the future through forecasting, foresight and scenario planning
  • We currently make responsibility to the future dependent on our knowledge of it.

However, in contemporary contexts where action is bound up with uncertainty and non-knowledge, can we find means to connect action more directly to ethics? A central concern of this project is to find openings for change in this direction at the level of social theory and of policy practice.

Reciprocal relationship 
			between action and responsibility

Investigating the future is a necessarily collaborative endeavour. We invite you to join our mailing list, and to let us know of related work or questions.

It is our desire for this project to be practically and politically relevant. Therefore, we welcome enquiries related to practice matters of engagement with the future.

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