Future Matters: Futures Known, Created and Minded

An International Conference

Cardiff University , September 4 - 6, 2006

Keynote Presenters

Wendell Bell, Futurist and Professor Emeritus of Sociology, Yale University

Josephine Green, Director of Trends & Strategy at Philips

Wolfgang Sachs, Author, Director of Globalisation & Sustainability Project, Wuppertal Institute

David Ambrose, Storyteller, Wales

Gillian Clarke, Capital Poet for Cardiff 2005-06

Future Matters brings together academics, artists, entrepreneurs and policy makers to consider questions of the future under three overarching themes.

  • Knowing futures - relates to our ability to anticipate futures through science and imagination.

  • Creating futures - relates to industrial societies' capacity to produce long-term futures on a daily basis through work and play, politics and technology.

  • Minding futures - relates to sustainability and the need to know, care and take responsibility for long-term futures of our making.

We invite proposals that critically explore questions relating to how the future is known, created and cared for. We would like to receive proposals from academics across the socials sciences and humanities; practitioners from business and policy domains; and we invite artists to display, perform or discuss relevant work.

The conference presents a unique opportunity for speakers to address an audience beyond their usual field of expertise. This will be a lively, multi-disciplinary event so please make sure that your contribution engages people from different backgrounds - the social sciences, humanities, the arts, business and politics.