EUROQUAL - Qualitative Research in the Social Sciences in Europe

International Perspectives on Qualitative Research in the Social Sciences; One Great George Street, Westminster; 3-6 May 2010

Welcome to EuroQual - Qualitative Research in the Social Sciences in Europe

Euroqual links scholars in the social sciences across Europe, providing a series of thematic workshops on a variety of qualitative methods. It exists to promote excellence, and to enhance research skills. Its activities combine high-level expert workshops with training activities.

An ESF Scientific Programme

The use of qualitative research methods has become increasingly widespread throughout the social sciences. It has, however, become evident that while qualitative research is a popular and visible way of collecting and analysing data, there is a proliferation of sub-specialisms which reflect both national and disciplinary boundaries. Scholars throughout Europe need to share,develop and promote methodological expertise.

There is evidence to suggest that some qualitative research is methodologically limited. Difficulties have been reported in the recruitment of researchers with sufficiently well-developed skills to carry out funded research. This is the case even in those countries that have identified the requirements and provided postgraduate training programmes to cater for them. Skills shortages occur not only at junior levels; more senior researchers also require support to improve their range of competences, technical expertise and the quality of their research skills.

The methodological literature has been dominated by publications from the UK and America. This is true both of commercial publications and the academic journals published in the English language. As a result, although qualitative research has been promoted, the traditions of other national and intellectual disciplines in Europe have been somewhat overlooked. There is thus a need to bring together important, but mutually isolated, traditions to inform the existing literature and the collective skills of European social scientists to enhance research capacity. This programme, linking social scientists across Europe, will ensure that expertise is shared across the major national and regional research communities and allow the development of further innovation.

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