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Sophie Miles, Criminology

Sophie Miles, Criminology

Hailing from the popular tourist destination of Sidmouth, a seaside town in South Devon, Sophie Miles is currently in her second year of the Single Hons Criminology degree at the School of Social Sciences.

What made you choose to do a Criminology degree at Cardiff?

I chose this course because I was fascinated to understand the sociological, psychological and criminological motivations behind criminal actions. There are a lot of different aspects to the course, and many different options of modules to study, allowing me to pursue the topics I found most interesting, which I though was particularly enticing.  I also have ambitions to join the police force and thought that this course would be a good entry way into the type of career I was seeking.


Why did you decide to study at Cardiff University?

I decided to study at Cardiff University for a number of reasons. Firstly, the city itself is a lovely place, not only to study, but also to live. Although Cardiff is a city, it doesn’t feel as such, I have never felt overwhelmed by the size, even though I grew up in a small town. The people are friendly and the amenities, attractions and shops are great! Secondly, the facilities at Cardiff University itself are fantastic, ranging from the well-equipped libraries and supporting network systems to the state of the art fitness facilities. Cardiff University also offers great residential options, with many halls of residence to choose from, all great in their own ways! Finally, the most important reason for choosing Cardiff University, is the opportunities that Cardiff has to offer. Ranging from sporting teams - I am a member of the Cardiff University Lacrosse Club - to the numerous societies, which make socialising and making new friends so easy!

"The people of Cardiff are friendly, and the amenities, attractions and shops are great!"

What have you enjoyed about being a student at Cardiff University?

Other experiences I have enjoyed at Cardiff University, particularly with regards to Criminology students are the regular opportunities to attend guest lectures, outside of your pre-organised lecture timetable, and these are often very intriguing, educational and informing. Not only do these help complement your learning but they also help direct you towards potential fields of interest. As well as these extra lectures, the University is also very helpful at directing you down other avenues of experience, such as visits to local prisons, helping you to get the chance to see real court cases in Cardiff Crown Court, and just in general the support of the staff is always sterling!


What are your plans for the future?

My plans for the future are to join the police force, and I am hoping with a Single Hons Criminology Degree to add to my CV this should be very helpful in my application. To maximise my chances however, I am planning to take advantage of Cardiff’s supported dissertation scheme and apply for the police supported dissertation scheme, yet another of Cardiff’s excellent outside opportunities.