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Hernan C Pulido-Martinez


Hernan C Pulido-Martinez is a international student doing a Ph D in the field of Critical Psychology. His research explores the role of psychology in the constitution of workers’ subjectivity in the contemporary processes of flexibilization of work. Specifically, he is focusing on the transition from a "traditional" to a modern urban passengers’ transport system that at present is operating in Bogota, Colombia.

"I came to Cardiff University to do my PhD under the supervision of Professor Valerie Walkerdine. Valerie is an international authority and a founding figure of Critical Psychology, which is the field I am interested in. Here, I have found a very exciting academic life, full of possibilities to develop creative and innovative research. Critical Psychology is a field that has mainly developed in the UK Universities and it is expanding around the world. In Cardiff University, I have had opportunities to interact with researchers that are conducting pioneering critical psychology and other related social sciences research both, here and around the world. I work as a lecturer at a University in Bogota, Colombia, my experience in Cardiff University has been very enriching for my future as an academic."