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Application Frequently Asked Questions

What happens to your application once you have submitted it? Here we answer some of the most frequently asked questions.

What happens when your Application arrives at the School?

Your application form is read closely to check that all necessary details are provided. If there is missing information for example, an IELT’s English Language Score, or an outline research proposal, you will be contacted to forward this to the Graduate Office.

How is the application reviewed?

Reviewers are asked to make a judgement about the quality of the application (experience, qualification levels, references and the suitability of the research proposal for a research dissertation). Reviewers are also asked to indicate whether your research can be supported by the School and if they would be willing to act as a supervisor of studies either jointly or individually.

Once your application is complete and you have attained the School's basic entry requirements, your application will be vetted by our academic staff members.

Academics are asked to review all applications promptly, and some applications may undergo several reviews with different staff.

What SOCSI staff are interested in my proposal?

It is usual for all MPhil/ PhD candidates to participate in an interview with one or two members of staff, normally with academics who are likely to become supervisors of study.

The interview is used to explore an applicant’s experience of research, their proposed focus for dissertation and of course to identify particular research training needs.

Overseas students who are unable to attend for a face to face interview are required to participate in a telephone interview.

How soon will I know if my application has been successful?

A formal offer letter will be sent to you from the Academic Registry which details:

  • Candidature length
  • Supervisor(s) of study
  • Conditions of candidature
  • Submission date
  • Fees

The Academic Registry at Cardiff University will handle your acceptance letter and forward all details about enrolment dates and induction programmes. The Research and Graduate Office will maintain contact with you and notify you of important dates for formal induction at the School and the Welcome Buffet lunch.

What if my application is unsuccessful?

Occasionally applicants are advised to apply to other universities where supervisory capacity on their topic exists. Sometimes, applicants are encouraged to apply for Taught Masters Programmes especially when it is felt that an individual would benefit from some substantive modules and/or research methods training.