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Assessment and Feedback

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Feedback at SOCSI is based on the following principles:

  • Feedback promotes and supports effective learning
  • Feedback is a continuous process
  • Feedback is tailored to your needs

The range of academic feedback at SOCSI

The School provides students with academic feedback in a range of ways, contexts and settings. Feedback includes:

  • Written comments on essays and other written assignments
  • Written and verbal feedback on formative work, including essay and dissertation plans, and dissertation chapters
  • Oral feedback in lectures, seminars, tutorials and supervisions
  • Oral and written feedback on individual and group presentations
  • Oral and/or written feedback while on practice placements, research projects and internships
  • Electronic feedback on class tests
  • Sample examination questions and answers on module examinations
  • Whole class, generic feedback sheets on examinations and other assignments
  • Peer feedback on formative assessment tasks
  • Dissertation supervision meetings
  • Meetings with personal tutors

It is also important that you engage constructively with the feedback you receive as part of your learning and development.

Here are some tips to get the most from the feedback you receive:

  • Use feedback to identify how you can make improvements to your academic performance
  • Participate and fully engage in discussions about your learning and progression
  • When required, seek clarification on feedback you’ve received
  • Engage constructively in your personal and professional development planning
  • Use conversations with tutors to reflect on feedback given

If you want to find out more about assessment and making the most of your feedback, please click here.