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Research Profile

Prof Tony Coxon 

  • Research Projects

    • 1971 - 72 Linguistic differences and decision boundaries in occupational groups (SSRC), with Tom Burns and Rosemary Johnson
    • 1972 - 75 Content analysis as a social science resource (SSRC) Development of computer-aided Content Analysis with INQR-III
    • 1972 - 75 Project on occupational cognition and subjective aspects of social stratification (SSRC), with Charles Jones. aka POOC. 4 major book publications
    • 1974 - 82 Multidimensional scaling programs (SSRC), with Charles Jones, David Muxworthy and Stephen Tagg.  Program began as MDS(X); now known as NewMDSX for Windows –
    • 1976 - 78 Clergy career patterns and social change in South Wales (SSRC)
    • 1981 - 83 An integrated software environment for social science research (with Prof. R. Churchouse)
    • 1986 - 89 Longitudinal structure  of the sexual behaviour of homosexual males under the impact of Aids (Dept of Health and Social Security, with Dr P M Davies and Dr T J McManus); One of main funding sources of SIGMA ; chief focus: condom-adoption
    • 1986 - 94 A Longitudinal study of the sexual behaviour of non-heterosexual males and the seroprevalence of HIV (Medical Research Council, with Dr P M Davies and Dr T J McManus); The main funding of SIGMA, involving blood-sampling of respondents
    • 1988 - 89 Body-image, risk and alcohol (Aids Virus Education Research and Trust). A subsidiary project of SIGMA
    • 1990 - 92 Co-ordination and data validation of homosexual response studies (World Health Organization). The “7-nation study”
    • 1991 - 92 Research seminar on longitudinal and multi-level data analysis (ESRC, with Ian Plewis and Harvey Goldstein, University of London)
    • 1991, 92,93 Development of software and documentation for the analysis of sexual behaviour and other related diaries (Department of Health); The anonymised sexual diaries data are lodged at Wellcome Foundation.
    • 1993 - 95 Machine learning and data analysis (ESRC/Analysis of Large and Complex Datasets initiative, with Dr Paul Scott and Dr Edward Tsang)
    • 1994 - 96 Monitoring sexual behaviour change and HIV-1 prevalence of high-risk subgroups of homosexual and bisexual men (Medical Research  with Dr TJ McManus and Dr A Pozniak, Kings College Hospital).  The “2nd-stage” SIGMA/Essex project, concentrating on Young Gay Men, Minority Ethnic Groups and Bisexuaal-identified MSM
    • 1997 - 99 Archiving and documentation of records of sexual behaviour (sexual diaries). (Economic and Social Research Council) and
    • 2000 - 02 Data cleaning, archiving and documentation of Project SIGMA longitudinal data study.