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Research Profile

Ms Gabi Jerzembek 


Research Papers

Rapport, F.L., Doel, M.A., Hutchings, H.A., Wright, S., Wainwright, P., John, D.N. & Jerzembek, G. S. (2010). Eleven themes of patient-centred professionalism in community pharmacy: Innovative approaches to consulting. International Journal of Pharmacy Practice.(accepted for publication June 2010; details forthcoming).

Byrne, E., Holland, S. & Jerzembek, G. S. (2010). A pilot study on the impact of a home-based  parenting intervention: Parents Plus. Child Care in Practice, 16, ( 2 ) 111 – 127.

Rapport, F.L., Jerzembek, G.S., Doel, M.A., Jones, A., Cella, M. & Lloyd, K. R. (2009). Narrating uncertainties about treatment of mental health conditions. Social Psychiatry and Epidemiology (accepted 8th May 2009, online only DOI 10.1007/s00127-009-0072-y).

Rapport, F., Jerzembek, G., Seagrove, A., Hutchings, H., Russell, I., Cheung, W. & Williams, J.G. (2009). Evaluating Innovations in the Delivery and Organization of Endoscopy Services in England and Wales. Qualitative Health Research; doi:10.1177/1049732309354282.

Rapport, F., Doel, M.A., Hutchings, H.A., Jerzembek G.S., John, D.N., Wainwright, P., Dobbs, C., Newbury, S. & Trower, C. (2009). Through the looking glass: public and professional perspectives on patient centred professionalism in modern-day community pharmacy. Forum:  Qualitative Social Research, Volume 11, No. 1, Art. 7. January 2010.

Rapport, F.L., Doel, M.A., & Jerzembek, G.S. (2009). Challenges to UK community pharmacy: a bio-photographic study of workspace in relation to professional pharmacy practice. Medical Humanities, 35, 110-117.

Rapport, F.L., Doel, M.A. & Jerzembek, G.S. (2008) “Convenient space” or “a tight squeeze”: Insider views on the community pharmacy, Health & Place. 15(1), 315-322 (


Conference Publications

Jerzembek, G.S., Murphy, S., Elliott, E. & Ivinson, G. (2010). Exploring pedagogic approaches in PSE in secondary schools in Wales: Is there scope for using pedagogy to enhance school-based health promotion effectiveness? Poster presented at the ’Embracing the challenges – changing conditions’ International Conference and Exhibition 10th and 11th November, Cardiff.

Thorne, K., Cheung, W., Cohen, D.,  Jerzembek, G.S., Hutchings, H.A., Rapport, F.L., Russell, I.T., Seagrove, A.C., &  Williams, J.G. (2008).  Method for Aggregating the Reporting of Interventions in Complex Studies (MATRICS). Poster presented at the QUIC AWARD Mixed Methods Conference, 4th December 2008, Swansea.

Rapport, F.L., Seagrove, A.C., Jerzembek, G.S., Hutchings, H.A., Russell, I.T., Cheung, W., Williams, J.G. (2008). New Initiatives in the Delivery and Organisation of Gastrointestinal Endoscopy Services – Focus Groups in England and Wales. Poster presented at the QUIC AWARD Mixed Methods Conference, 4th December 2008, Swansea.

Jerzembek, G.S. (2008). Preventing long-term effects of indirect bullying. Paper presented at the International Forum for Child Welfare (IFCW), Cardiff UK, 30th September 2008.

Jerzembek, G.S., Reed, P., Manogg, G., Bews, M. & Halliday, J. (2008). Predicting risk in occupational drivers: adopting a broader perspective. Poster presented at the BPS Annual conference, Dublin, 2008, further disseminated in the media such as the Western Mail:

Jerzembek, G.S. & Bullen, K.S. (2008). Cross-cultural and cross-generational perceptions of play: informing effective Early Years education in diverse communities. Poster presented at the BPS Annual conference, Dublin, 2008.

Rapport, F.L., Doel, M.A., & Jerzembek, G.S. (2007) Inhabiting Space within Community Pharmacy. Poster presented at the  QUIC/ AWARD Conference on 5th December 2007: “It’s All in the Mix: Combining Methods Effectively in Health Services Research” and at the BPS Annual Conference, Dublin, 2008.

Bullen, K.S., Jerzembek, G.S. & Watts, K.L. (2007). Mother’s educational self-concept and associated involvement in children’s educational experience in a low-income urban sample. Poster presented at the BPS Annual Conference, March 2007, York.

Jerzembek, G.S., Cooper, A., King, R., Worth, E.R., Playfoot, D. & Hawthorn, R. (2007). Predicting resilience and exploring well-being: towards an intervention that deals with the consequences of relational aggression. Poster presented at the BPS Annual Conference, March 2007, York.

Jerzembek, G.S. & Bullen, K.S. (2006). Relational bullying and coping in teenagers and adults. Poster presented at the BPS Annual Conference, March 2006, Cardiff.

Bullen, K.S. & Jerzembek, G.S. (2006). Relational bullying in adults and teenagers and how they cope - the way forward. Paper presented at the 5th International Conference Workplace Bullying, June 2006, Dublin

Bullen, K.S., Lee, M.D. & Jerzembek, G.S. (2005). Evaluating enquiry based and collaborative learning in undergraduate teaching. Paper presented at the BPS Educational Conference, November 2005, Durham.