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Research Profile

Dr Stuart Tannock 

Selected Publications

(I) Books

Tannock, S. (2001) Youth at Work: The Unionized Fastfood and Grocery Workplace.  Philadelphia: Temple University Press.

(II) Peer-Reviewed Articles

Tannock, S. (2013) “Bad Attitude? Migrant Workers, Meat Processing Work and the Local Unemployed in a Peripheral Region of the UK.” European Urban and Regional Studies. DOI: 10.1177/0969776413481986.

Tannock, S. (2013) “When the Demand for Educational Equality Stops at the Border: Wealthy Students, International Students & the Restructuring of Higher Education in the UK.” Journal of Education Policy 28(4): 449-464.

Sukarieh, M. & Tannock, S. (2013) “On the Problem of Over-Researched Communities: The Case of the Shatila Palestinian Refugee Camp in Lebanon.” Sociology 47(3): 494-508.

Tannock, S. (2012) “Across a Thick White Line: The Relationship of a Welsh Medium School and a Low Income Neighbourhood in the South Wales Valleys.” Critical Social Policy 32(2): 184-202.

Tannock, S. (2011) “Points of Prejudice: Education-Based Discrimination in Canada’s Immigration System.” Antipode 43(4): 1330-1356.

Sukarieh, M. & Tannock, S. (2011) “The Positivity Imperative: A Critical Look at the ‘New’ Youth Development Movement.” Journal of Youth Studies 14(6): 675-691.

Holland, S., Tannock, S. & Collicott. H. (2011) “Everybody’s Business? A Research Review of the Informal Safeguarding of Other People’s Children in the UK.” Children & Society 25(5): 406-416.

Tannock, S. (2010) “Learning to Plunder: Global Education, Global Inequality & the Global City.” Policy Futures in Education 8(1): 82-98.

Sukarieh, M. & Tannock, S. (2010) “The American Federation of Teachers in the Middle East: Teacher Training as Labor Imperialism.” Labor Studies Journal 35(2): 181-197.

Sukarieh, M. & Tannock, S. (2009) “Putting School Commercialism in Context: A Global History of Junior Achievement Worldwide.” Journal of Education Policy 24(6): 769-786.

Tannock, S. (2009) “Knowledge for What? Wales, Militarisation and the Endless Promotion of the Knowledge Economy.” Globalisation, Societies and Education 7(3): 257-274.

Tannock, S. (2009) “White-Collar Imperialisms: The H-1B Debate in America.” Social Semiotics 19(3): 311-327.

Brown, P. & Tannock, S. (2009) “Education, Meritocracy and the Global War for Talent.” Journal of Education Policy 24(4): 377-392.

Tannock, S. (2009) “Global Meritocracy, Nationalism and the Question of Whom We Must Treat Equally for Educational Opportunity to Be Equal.” Critical Studies in Education 50(2): 201-211.

Tannock, S. (2009) “Immigration, Education and the New Caste Society in Britain.” Critical Social Policy 29(2): 243-260.

Tannock, S. (2008) “The Problem of Education-Based Discrimination.” British Journal of Sociology of Education 29(5): 439-449.

Sukarieh, M. & Tannock, S. (2008) “In the Best Interests of Youth or Neoliberalism? The World Bank & the New Global Youth Empowerment Project.” Journal of Youth Studies 11(3): 301-312.

Tannock, S. (2007) “To Keep America Number One: Confronting the Deep Nationalism of US Higher Education.” Globalisation, Societies and Education 5(2): 257-272.

Tannock, S. (2006) “The Trouble with Getting Ahead: Youth Employment, Labor Organizing and the Higher Education Question.” WorkingUSA 9: 185-198.

Tannock, S. (2005) “Is ‘Opting Out’ Really an Answer? Schools, Militarism & the Counter-Recruitment Movement in Post-September 11 United States at War.” Social Justice 32(3): 163-178.

Tannock, S. & Flocks, S. (2003) “’I Know What It’s Like to Struggle’: The Working Lives of Young Students in an Urban Community College.” Labor Studies Journal 28(1): 1-30.

Tannock, S. (1999) “Working With Insults: Discourse and Difference in an Inner-City Youth Organization.”  Discourse & Society 10(3): 317-350.

Tannock, S. (1997) “Positioning the Worker: Discursive Practice in a Workplace Literacy Program.”  Discourse & Society 8(1): 85-116.

Tannock, S. (1995) “Nostalgia Critique.”  Cultural Studies 9(3): 453-464.

(III) Chapters & Other Articles

Tannock, S. (2012) “A Little Piece of Confidence: Community Reflections on an After-School Programme in a Low Income Neighbourhood in the South Wales Valleys.” Wales Institute of Social & Economic Research, Data & Methods (WISERD) Working Paper.

Coffey, A., Heley, J., Mann, R., Paterson, C., Tannock, S., & Woods, M. (2012) “Anonymisation and Social ResearchWales Institute of Social & Economic Research, Data & Methods (WISERD) Methodological Briefing.

Tannock, S., James, D., & Torres, C. (2011) “Review Symposium: Radical Education and the Common School: A Democratic Alternative.” British Journal of Sociology of Education 32(6): 939-952.

Tannock, S. (2009) “’Not Mining is Not an Option!’ Corporate Lessons from the Mining Matters Curriculum.” Our Schools/Our Selves 18(4): 107-114.

Tannock, S. (2008) “The St Athan Defence Training Academy: The Future of British Education?Scientists for Global Responsibility Newletter 36 (Autumn Issue).

Tannock, S. (2007) “Beyond National Borders: Reframing the Global Brain Drain Debate.” SKOPE Research Paper No. 73. Oxford: Center for Skills, Knowledge and Organisational Performance.

Tannock, S. (2007) The St Athan Military Training Academy and the Future of Wales. Briefing Paper. Cardiff: Cynefin y Werin

Tannock, S. (2006) “Higher Education, Inequality & the Public Good.” Dissent. Spring Issue: 45-51. (Reprinted in Current Controversies: The Wage Gap, Ed. C. Fisanick, Detroit: Greenhaven Press, 2008.)

Tannock, S. (2005) “Yes, Let’s Talk About Merit: Demerits for Teacher Merit Pay.”  California Public Employee Relations 171: 5-15.

Tannock, S. (2004) “Youth and Unions in North America’s Service Society.”  In Joining Society: Social Interaction and Learning in Adolescence and Youth.  Ed. A. Perret-Clermont, C. Pontecorvo, L. Resnick, T. Zittoun & B. Burge. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press: 308-317.

Tannock, S. (2003) “Why Do Working Youth Work Where They Do?”  In Youth at Work in the Post-Industrial City of North America and Europe.  Ed. L. Roulleau-Berger. London: Brill: 285-303.

Smith, S. & Tannock, S. (2003) "Recalling the Fair Bear Minimum Wage at UC Berkeley." On the Move, Fall Issue: 6-7.

Tannock, S. (2003) “Response to ‘Learning to Serve.’” In What They Don't Learn in School: Literacy in the Lives of Urban Youth. Ed. J. Mahiri. New York: Peter Lang: 163-168.

Flocks, S. & Tannock, S. (2003) “On the Backs of Young Workers: Taking Stock of the New Supermarket Labor Wars.” On the Move, Spring Issue: 1, 11.

Tannock, S. & Flocks, S. (2002) “The Canadian Labor Movement’s Big Youth Turn.” UC Berkeley Center for Labor Research and Education Working Paper. (Available online at the New Unionism Network and UC Berkeley Labor Center).

Tannock, S. (2001) “The Literacies of Youth Workers and Youth Workplaces.”  Journal of Adult and Adolescent Literacy 45(2) (October): 140-143.

Tannock, S. (1998) “Noisy Talk: Conversation and Collaboration in a Youth Writing Group.”  In Kids Talk: Strategic Language Use in Later Childhood.  Ed. S. Hoyle and C. Adger. NY: Oxford University Press: 241-265.

(IV) Documentary/Educational Video

Tannock, S. Blasi, J. & Peek, C. (2004) Script for Video Documentary Eyes on the Fries: Young Workers in the Service Economy.  Berkeley: Center for Labor Research and Education, University of California. (Available online at UC Berkley Labor Center).