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Research Profile

Dr Martin Weinel  

Selected Publications

Weinel, M. 2012. Expertise and Inauthentic Scientific Controversies: What You Need to Know to Judge the Authenticity of Policy-Relevant Scientific Controversies. In: J. Goodwin (ed.) Between Scientists & Citizens: Proceedings of a Conference at Iowa State University, June1-2, 2012. Ames, IA: Great Plaines Society for the Study of Argumentation. Pp: 427-440.

Collins, H.M. & M. Weinel 2011. Transmuted Expertise: How Technical Non-Experts Can Assess Experts and Expertise. Argumentation 25(3): 401-413

Collins, H.M., Weinel, M., Evans, R. 2011. Object and shadow: responses to the CPS critiques of Collins, Weinel and Evans', ‘Politics and policy of the Third Wave’. Critical Policy Studies 5(3): 340-348.

Collins, H.M., Weinel, M. & Evans, R.J. 2010. The politics and policy of the Third Wave: new technologies and society. Critical Policy Studies, 4(2): 185-201.

Weinel, M., 2009. Thabo Mbeki, HIV/AIDS and bogus scientific controversies. Politicsweb, 19 March 2009.

Weinel, M., 2008. 'Counterfeit Scientific Controversies in Science Policy Contexts'. Working Paper Series, Working Paper 120. Cardiff: Cardiff School of Social Sciences.

Weinel, M. 2007. ‘Primary source knowledge and technical decision-making: Mbeki and the AZT debate’. Studies in History and Philosophy of Science 38(4): 748-760.

Von Soest, C. & M. Weinel 2007. ‘The Treatment Controversy: Global Health Governance and South Africa’s Fight Against HIV/AIDS’. In: W. Hein, S. Bartsch & L. Kohlmorgen (eds.) Global Health Governance and the Fight against HIV/AIDS. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan. Pp: 202-225.

Von Soest, C., G. Calcagnotto & M. Weinel 2006. ‘Between Conflict and Cooperation – Global-National Interfaces and the Fight of HIV/AIDS in Brazil and South Africa’. (Paper for the International Workshop “Defining and Shaping the Architecture for Global Health Governance. Current Issues and Future Perspectives” - February, 22-24 2006, Hamburg) Hamburg: German Institute of Global and Area Studies.

Weinel, M 2005. ‘Mbeki, HIV und Glaubwürdigkeit: eine wissenschaftssoziologische Untersuchung’. University of Leipzig Papers on Africa 76. Leipzig: Institut für Afrikanistik.

Weinel, M. 2005. AIDS Policy in South Africa: between denial and action. German Overseas Institute Working Paper. Hamburg: German Overseas Institute.