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Research Profile

Dr Neil Stephens 

Dr Neil Stephens
Position:Cesagen Research Associate
School:Social Sciences

Telephone:+44 (0)29 208 75386
Address:6 Museum Place, 2.05


  • 1999 BSc Econ Economics and Sociology
  • 2000 Postgraduate Diploma in Social Science Research Methods
  • 2005 PhD, Cardiff (Why Macroeconomic Orthodoxy Changes So Quickly: The Sociology of Scientific Knowledge and the Phillips Curve')

Research Interests

  • Social Studies of Science and Technology 
  • The Regulation of Stem Cell Science 
  • Capoeira in the UK 
  • The Social Construction of Macroeconomic Knowledge 
  • Qualitative methodology
  • Cancer Biobanking 
  • In Vitro Meat (food grown from stem cells)

For media enquiries about in-vitro meat, please contact Catrin Palfrey (, 02920 874983)

Watch Dr Stephens discuss the emergence of a radically new way of making meat - growing muscle tissue from stem cells - to introduce some key questions about how to make sense of this new technology.


Cesagen Profile for Dr Neil Stephens

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