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Research Profile

Dr Kevin Smith  

Selected Publications

Smith, K. (2013). Covert Critique: Critical Pedagogy “Under the Radar” in a Suburban Middle School, International Journal of Critical Pedagogy , vol. 4. no.2, pp. 127-146.

Smith, K. (2013). The Tau'olunga: A pacific metaphor for a caring, critical pedagogy. In T. Kress & R. Lake (Eds.), We Saved the Best for You: Letters of Hope, Imagination and Wisdom for 21st Century Educators. Boston: MA. Sense Publishers.

Smith, K. (2012). The one room schoolhouse today: Living history, looking forward. In T. Poetter (Ed.), Lived Conversations of Progressive, Democratic Curricula in School and Society. Charlotte, NC: Information Age.

Smith, K. (2013). Critical hits and critical spaces: Roleplaying games and their potential in developing students’ critical and new literacy practices. In T. Kress and R. Lake (Eds.). Critical and New Literacies: Teaching towards Democracy with/in/through Post-modern and Popular Culture Texts. Boston: MA. Sense Publishers. Manuscript in preparation.

Smith, K. (2013). Critical Discourse Analysis as Curriculum Development in the Pacific. In M. ‘Otunuku (Ed.). Rethinking Pacific Education Initiatives for and by Pacific People. The University of the South Pacific Press. In press.