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Research Profile

Dr Dean Stroud 

    • Funded Projects

    • 530K – Leonardo da Vinci Multilateral Projects: Development of Innovation Greening Technical VET - Sustainable Training Module for the European Steel Industry (2011-2013)
    • 20K - Developing Geelong: An international study of successful economic transitions (2012-13)
    • 4K – Latrobe Valley Skills and Transition Study (2011-12)
    • 2KEvaluation of Basics of Gas Combustion Training, Corus Centre of Excellence (2009-2010)
    • 10K – Cardiff Young Researcher Initiative 2002 - An Investigation of the Re-training Provision made available to Redundant Steelworkers in Steel Communities in Wales
    • 6K Nuffield Social Science Awards Scheme Workplace Education: Exploring the efficacy of work based learning strategies and the potential for poorly qualified employees’ engagement with new learning opportunities.
    • 500KLeonardo Da Vinci Pilot ProjectEquality and Diversity Learning in the European Steel Industry (with Peter Fairbrother)
    • 12K – SKOPE Project – The Practices and Process of Workplace learning in the British Steel Industry: A Case Study (with Peter Fairbrother)
    • ESRC PhD Scholarship‘An investigation of the social construction of labour markets by students in higher education’ (October 1997-September 2000).