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Research Profile

Prof Sally Power 

Selected Publications

Power, S. (2012) 'Redistribution, reconnaissance et représentation: parcours de la lutte contre l’injustice et des changements de politique éducative', Education et Sociétés, noo29/2012/1. pp 27-44

Power, S.  & Frandji, D. (2010) ‘Education markets, the new politics of recognition and the increasing fatalism toward inequality’, Journal of Education Policy.

Power, S., Curtis, A., Whitty, G. & Edwards, T. (2010) ‘Private education and disadvantage: the experiences of assisted place holders’ International Studies in Sociology of Education. 

Power, S., Taylor, C., Lewis, J., Connolly, M., Thomas, G. & Wyn Jones, S. (2010) ‘Realising the ‘Learning Country’: Research activity and capacity within Welsh local authorities’. Contemporary Wales.

Taylor, C., Power, S. & Rees, G.  (2010) ‘Out-of-school learning; the uneven distribution of school provision and local authority support’. British Educational Research Journal.

Power, S., Taylor, C., Rees, G. & Jones, K. (2009) Out-of-school learning: variations in provision and participation in secondary schools. Research Papers in Education.

Power, S. (2009) ‘Le New Labour et la troisième voie : une évolution de la politique de l'éducation pour une évolution de la classe moyenne’ Le Revue Francaise de Pedagogie 166 Janvier-Février-Mars.

Power, S.  (2008) ‘How should we respond to the continuing failure of compensatory education?’ Orbis Scholae  2 (2).

Power, S. (2008) ‘The Imaginative Professional’, in B. Cunningham (ed) Exploring Professionalism, London: Bedford Way Papers.

Power, S. and Whitty, G. (2006) ‘Education and the Middle Class: a Complex but Crucial Case for the Sociology of Education’ in  Lauder, H., Brown, P., Dillabough, J. and Halsey, A.H. (eds) Education, Globalization and Social Change. Oxford University Press, Oxford

Power, S and Whitty G (2008) Paper 118: Graduating and gradations within the middle class: the legacy of an elite higher education, Cardiff School of Social Sciences.

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