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Research Profile

Prof Andrew Pithouse 

Selected Publications

Pithouse A, Broadhurst K, Hall C, Peckover S, White S (2010) ‘Engaging early in children's needs through the common assessment framework (CAF): New challenges for practice in England and Wales’, International Journal of Child Health and Human Development, 2(4), 00 (forthcoming)

Broadhurst K, Hall C, Peckover S, Pithouse A, White S, & Wastell D (2010)  ‘Children’s services in the iron cage of performance management:  street level bureaucracy and the spectre of Švejkism’  International Journal of Social Welfare, (forthcoming)

Karen Broadhurst, C. Hall, D.Wastell, S.White, and A. Pithouse (2010) ‘Risk, Instrumentalism and the Humane Project in Social Work: Identifying the Informal Logics of Risk Management in Children’s Statutory Services’ British Journal of Social Work (2010) 1–19 doi:10.1093/bjsw/bcq011

White S, Wastell D, Broadhurst K, Hall C, Peckover S and Pithouse A (2010) ‘Whither practice- near research in the modernisation programme? Policy blunders in children's services’, Journal of Social Work Practice: Psychotherapeutic Approaches in Health, Welfare and the Community, 23(4) pp401-411.

Pithouse A, Hall C, Peckover S and White S  (2009)  ‘A Tale of Two CAFs: The Impact of the Electronic Common Assessment Framework’, British Journal of Social Work, 39:4, pp599-612              

Pithouse A and Broadhurst K (2009) The Common Assessment Framework: technical fix or framework for change in meeting the ‘additional’ needs of children and young people?’ in (ed) K. Broadhurst, Safeguarding Children: Critical Perspectives , London, Wiley -Blackwell

Broadhurst K, Davey D, Hall C, Peckover S, Pithouse A, White S, & Wastell D (2009)  ‘Performing initial assessment: identifying the latent conditions for error at the front door of local authority children’s services’  British Journal of Social Work Advance Access, 10.1093/bjsw/bcn053.

Davey D & Pithouse A (2008) ‘Schooling and looked-after children: Exploring contexts and outcomes in Standard Attainment Tests’, Journal of Adoption and Fostering,  32:3, pp60-73    

Rees A and Pithouse A (2008)  ‘The Intimate World of Strangers – embodying the child in Foster Care’, Child and Family Social Work, 13:3, pp338-347

Pithouse A and Lowe K  (2008) ‘Foster care and challenging behaviour in Wales: Key characteristics of children and  carers, Families in Society : The Journal of Contemporary Human Services, 89:1, pps109-119,  doi: 10.1606/1044-3894.3715

Pithouse A (2008) ‘Early intervention in the round: A great idea but…..’ British Journal of Social Work, on-line doi: 10.1093/bjsw/bcm068

Pithouse A and Crowley A (2008) ‘Complaints and Advocacy: Getting behind the Rhetoric’, in (eds) Christine Oliver and Jane Dalrymple, Advocacy for Children and Young People: Key Issues in Research, Policy and Practice, London, Jessica Kingsley, pps132-149 

Pithouse A and Crowley A, (2007) ‘Adults Rule? Children, advocacy, and complaints to social services’, Children and Society, 21:3, 201-214,  ISSN 0951-0605

Pithouse A (2007) Is everyone Singing the Same Song?  A Case-Study to Develop and Evaluate an Inter-Agency Common Assessment for Children in Need, in Des Enfants a proteger, des adultes a aider : deux univers a rapprocher.  (eds) Chamberland C, Leveille S  and Trocme N,  University of Quebec Press, ISBN 2-7605-1467-6

Pithouse A and Crowley A (2007) ‘National Standards in Children’s Advocacy – What Do Children Say?’ Child Care in Practice, 13:1, pp17-32,  ISSN 1357-5279

Payne H and Pithouse A (2006) ‘More Aspiration than Achievement? Children’s Complaints and Advocacy in Health Services, Journal of Health and Social Care in the Community, 14:6, pp563-571, 2006, ISSN 0966-0410

Parry O, Pithouse A, Anglim C and Batchelor C (2006) ‘Tip of the iceberg: Children’s complaints and advocacy in Wales: an insider view from complaints officers in Wales’, British Journal of Social Work, doi: 0.1093/bjsw/bcl084 On-line ISSN 1468-263X

Pithouse A (2006) ‘A common assessment for children in need? Mixed messages from a pilot study in Wales’, Child Care in Practice, 12:3, pp199-217, 2006, ISSN 1357-5279.

Scourfield J and Pithouse A (2006) ‘Lay and professional knowledge in social work: reflections from ethnographic research in a child protection team’, European Journal of Social Work 9:3, pp323-337, ISSN 1369-1457

Wilson K, Sinclair I, Taylor A, Pithouse A and Sellick C, (2004) Fostering Success: An Exploration of the Research Literature in Foster Care, London, SCIE and Policy Press

Pithouse A,  (2003) ‘A National Strategy for Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services in Wales : New Challenges and New Thinking?’ Research Policy and Planning, 21:1, pp3-16

Pithouse A, Hill Tout J and Lowe K (2002) ‘Training foster carers in challenging behaviour: a case study in disappointment? Journal of Child and Family Social Work, 7:3, pp203-214,

Pithouse A, Hill-Tout J and Lowe K, (2002) ‘Training foster carers in a preventative approach to children who challenge - mixed messages from research’ Adoption and Fostering 27:3, pp47-56.