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Research Profile

Prof Gordon Hughes 




    • Cardiff Centre for Crime Law and Justice Logo
    • - ‘Status Dogs, Criminalisation and Young People: Towards a Preventive Strategy’ RSPCA  (with C. Lawson and J. Mayer 2009 - 2011).











    • ESRC
    • - Co-director of ESRC funded seminar series Rethinking community policing in an age of diversity (2005-2006).




    • - EU funded research project, DOMUS: safe city policies in European cities (2004-2005).
    • - Safer Clubbing and Pubbing in Milton Keynes: an evaluation of the drug and alcohol strategy (2002, funded by the Home Office’s Communities Against Drugs fund).
    • - Consultant to Australian Research Council Linkage project Assessment of Local Community Safety and Crime Prevention Roles in Victoria (2003-2004, funded by the Australian Research Council).
    • Research Programme

    • My programme of research is focused on the following inter-related issues:
    • - Comparative trends in crime control, community safety and urban security;
    • - Professional expertise, political agency and new community governance;
    • - The production of criminological knowledge and sociological theory.
    • For the past two decades I have undertaken a programme of comparative research on the policy and practice of community safety.  This is reflected in the series of local, regional, national and international research studies and policy evaluations undertaken since 1992.  My current projects are focused on the developing expertise and contested and uneven ‘professionalisation’ of local public  safety and crime prevention workers across the UK, Europe, Australia and New Zealand and more broadly the question of assessing ‘what works’ in multi-agency preventive partnerships in the varying contexts for community/public safety and crime prevention work, locally, nationally and internationally.  With my colleagues, Adam Edwards and Nicholas Lord, I am currently leading a  research work package comparing urban security crime prevention policies in different European localities as part of the EU-funded Urbis project.
    • My forthcoming monograph, Sociology and Crime: Towards A New Criminological Imagination (Sage), explores the relationship of the production of different types of criminological knowledge to concepts and debates in sociological theory and methodology.