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Research Profile

Dr Rachel Hurdley 


April 2013: Home, Materiality, Memory and Belonging: keeping culture.  Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan

In Press: ‘Against Narrative: confronting Mass Observation as collage, fragment, juxtaposition.’ Special ‘Narrative Lives’ Issue of Narrative Works

2011: Hurdley, R. & Dicks, B.: ‘In-between practice: working in the “thirdspace” of sensory and multimodal methodology’. Qualitative Research 11: 3: 277-292.

2011: Film series: Making Wales, Remembering Home

2010: ‘In the Picture or Off the Wall?: ethical regulation, research habitus and unpeopled ethnography’Qualitative Inquiry 16: 6: 517-528.

2010: ‘The Power of Corridors: connecting doors, mobilising materials, plotting openness’The Sociological Review 58: 1: 45-64.

2009: Dicks, B. & Hurdley, R.: ‘Using unconventional media to disseminate qualitative research’Qualitative Researcher 10: 2-5.

2007:  ‘Objecting Relations: the problem of the gift’.   The Sociological Review 55: 1: 124-143.

2007: ‘Focal Points: framing material culture and visual data’.  Qualitative Research 7: 3: 355-374.

2006: ‘Dismantling Mantelpieces: narrating identities and materialising culture in the home’. Sociology 40: 4: 717-733.