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Research Profile

Dr Chris Groves 

Dr Chris Groves
Position:Research Associate (Cesagen)
School:Social Sciences

Telephone:+ 44 (0)29 208 77438
contact info:

Address:10 Museum Place


  • BA (Hons) Philosophy/Sociology (First), University of York, 1990-1993
  • MA Philosophy & Social Theory (Distinction), University of Warwick, 1994-1995
  • PhD Philosophy, University of Warwick, 1995-2000 (Thesis: Hegel and Deleuze on Immanence and Otherness)

Career Overview

Dr Groves is a sociologist and social philosopher, specialising in the understanding of risk and uncertainty and the ethics and social impact of new technologies. He also has expertise in environmental politics, happiness and well-being, and issues concerning the relationship between science and society. He has strong views on the relationship between science, technology and society, on environmental issues, on responsibilities to future generations, and on the need for academics to engage with audiences outside the university. He is comfortable with being a TV or radio guest, and has appeared on television and radio programmes (ITV Wales This Week, BBC R4 Broadcasting House). He runs Cardiff Philosophy Cafe, at which academics from the humanities and social sciences discuss their work with non-academic audiences.

He is currently writing a book about responsibilities to future generations (working title: Horizons of Care: Uncertainty and Intergenerational Justice), with a blog at

Research Interests

  • Sociology of risk, uncertainty and vulnerability
  • Risk, regulation and novel technologies
  • Social theories of time
  • Environmental ethics and law
  • Intergenerational ethics and sustainability
  • Devolution, democratic politics and spatial planning in the United Kingdom

Chris Groves' work focuses on how people and institutions negotiate and deal with an intrinsically uncertain future – one increasingly imagined against the backdrop of global environmental change and accelerating technological innovation. Along with the ethical and political implications of a range of future-oriented discourses and practices (e.g. risk management, precautionary regulation, building resilience), he examines how our ideas about what it means for individuals and whole societies to take responsibility for their futures are being changed by emerging technologies (such as the convergence between bio- and nanotechnology and personalised genetic testing). The monograph Future Matters: Action, Knowledge, Ethics (Brill, 2007), co-authored with Professor Barbara Adam (Social Science, Cardiff University), examines these themes in depth.

He is currently writing a monograph on the sociology of risk and uncertainty and intergenerational ethics, to be published by Palgrave in 2013.