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Research Profile

Dr Robert Evans 

Telephone:+44 (0)29 208 74034
Fax:+44 (0)29 208 74175
contact info:

Address:2.19 Glamorgan Building

Research Interests

My work investigates the nature of expertise: what is it, who has it, how is it developed, how it shared, how can it be recognised and acted upon.

In answering these questions, I have developed three main sets of interests:

  • Understanding the nature of expertise as a property of social groups. Known as Studies of Expertise and Experience, this approach has developed a ‘Periodic Table of Expertises’ that can be used to identify different types and levels of expertise. This work has implications for a range of topics in Science and Technology Studies, including public understanding of science, interdisciplinary working and understanding of scientific controversies.
  • Measuring the distribution of interactional expertise. Developing the Periodic Table of Expertises has led to the creation of a new research method – the Imitation Game – to measure the way in which one of its key categories – interactional expertise – is distributed. If successful, the method will provide a new way of mapping the interactions between social groups.
  • The role of expertise in technological decision-making in the public domain. Drawing on the ‘Third Wave of Science Studies’, this work explores how experts and citizens can contribute to technological decision-making in the public domain without reducing the process to either technocracy or populism. It has implications for democratic decision-making and for participatory forms of social research.

Research Centre

Centre for Study of Knowledge Expertise and Science

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