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Research Profile

Prof Barbara Adam 

Selected Publications

I have published 5 monographs, edited 5 books and 25 Journals and published some 150 journal articles, book chapters and research publications.  Below is a list of my key publications:

Edited Books
Journals Edited
Refereed Journal Articles
Book Chapters
Research Publications
Publications in German


2007    with Groves, C. Future Matters. Action, Knowledge, Ethics. Leiden & Boston: Brill, 218 pp., ISBN 978-90-04-16177-1 (hc).

2004    Time, Polity Key Concepts Series, Cambridge, UK & Malden, MA: Polity Press, 184 pp.ISBN 0-7456-2777-3 (hc) ISBN 0-7456-2778-1 (pb).

*Slovenian translation: 2010 Čas, Ljubljana: Maribor, ISBN 978-9616620161

* Polish translation: 2011 Czas, Warszawa: Wydawnictwo Sic!, ISBN 978-8360457900.

1998    Timescapes of Modernity. The Environment and Invisible Hazards , London/New York: Routledge, 250 pp., ISBN 0415162742 (hb) ISBN 0415162750 (pb).

1995    Timewatch: The Social Analysis of Time, Cambridge: Polity Press, 193 pp., ISBN 0-7456-1021-X (hb) & ISBN 0-7456-1021-2 (pb); Williston, VT: Blackwell, 224 pp., 0-7456-1020-X (hb) & 0-7456-1461-2 (pb).

* Italian translation: 2005 Timewatch. Per un’analise sociale del tempo, transl. Ester Dornetti,Milano: Baldini Castoldi Dalai ISBN 88-8490-653-9.

* German translation: 2005 Das Diktat der Uhr, transl. Frank Jakubzik, Frankfurt, a.M.: Suhrkamp, Edition Zweite Moderne ISBN 3-518-41678-2.

** J T Fraser Prize awarded by the International Society for the Study of  Time for `A Book of Excellence in Time Studies’

1990    Time and Social Theory, Cambridge: Polity; Philadelphia: Temple UP 192 pp., ISBN 0-7456-0740-3 (hb) & ISBN 0-7456-1407-8 (pb)

* Japanese translation: 1997 Hosei University Press, Tokyo ISBN4-588-00587-1

** Philip Abrams Memorial Prize awarded by the British Sociological Association for `Best First Book’

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Edited Books

2002    with R Whipp and I Sabelis, Making Time. Time and Management in Modern Organizations. Oxford: Oxford UP, pp. 222 ISBN 0-19-925369-2 (hc), ISBN 0-19-925370-6 (pb).

2000    with U Beck and J v Loon, The Risk Society and Beyond. Critical Issues for Social Theory, London and Thousand Oaks: Sage, pp.  232, ISBN 0-7619-6468-1 (hb), ISBN 0-7619-6469-X (pb).

* Chinese translation: 2005 Beijing House Publishing Group, 366 pp., ISBN 7-200-06164-6 (pb).

2000    with S Allan and C Carter, Environmental Risks and the Media, London and New York: Routledge, pp.278, ISBN 0-415-21447-5 (pb) ISBN 0-415-21446-7 (hb).

1997    with K A Geißler and M Held Die Non-Stop Gesellschaft und ihr Preis, Stuttgart/Leipzig: Hirzel, Wissenschaftliche Verlagsgesellschaft  pp. 257, ISBN 3-7776-0796-7 (pb).

1995    with Stuart Allan Theorising Culture: An Interdisciplinary Critique After Postmodernism, London: UCL Press, New York: NYUP, pp. 269. ISBN 85728-328-7 (hb), ISBN 85728-329-5 (pb).

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Journals Edited

2008     21st Century Society, Vol III, 2 pp. 109 - 224 ISSN 1745-0144.

2004     with Ronald E. Purser and Jack Petranker, Journal of Managerial Psychology Vol. 19, 8: pp. 735-96 ISSN 0268-3946.

2002    Time & Society, Vol XI, 1 pp. 87-146 ISSN 0961-463X.

2001    Time & Society, Vol X, 2/3, pp. 349-401, ISSN 0961-463X.

1996    with Maarten Mentzel Innovation. The European Journal of Social Research. Special Issue on Environment and Social Theory, Vol IX.4 pp. 339-509, ISSN 1012-8050

1992 - 1998   Time & Society, Vol. I – Vol. VII  ISSN 0961-463X.

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Refereed Journal Articles

2011     ‘Wendell Bell and the sociology of the future: Challenges past, present and future’, Futures 43: 590 – 595, ISSN 0016-3287.

2011     with Chris Groves ‘Futures Tended: Care and Future-Oriented Responsibility’, Bulletin of Science, Technology & Society, 31(1), 17-27 ISSN 0270-4676 print, ISSN 1552-4183 online.

2010     ‘History of the Future: Paradoxes and Challenges’, Rethinking History 14/3: 361 -378, ISSN 1364-2529 print, ISSN 1470-1154 online.

2010     'Future Matters: Challenge for Social Theory and Social Inquiry', Cultura e comunicazione 1: 47 -55. ISSN 2036-9700.

2009     Entrevista com (Interview with) Barbara Adam por (by) Fernando Serra in NEXT Brasil. Instrumentos para a inovação, 7: 34 – 56, ISSN 1679-7922.

2008     ‘Future Matters. Futures known, created and minded’, 21st Century Society, Journal of the Academy of Social Sciences, 3/2: 109 – 224, ISSN 1745-0144.

2009     ‘Cultural Future Matters: An exploration in the spirit of Max Weber’s methodological writings’, Time & Society 18/1: 7 – 25, ISSN 0961-463X.

2006    'Time', Theory, Culture and Society, Special Issue on Problematizing Global Knowledge, 23(2-3): 119-126, ISSN 0263-2764. 

2004    Harris,P., Lewis, J., and Adam, B. 'Time, Sustainable Transport and the Politics of Speed', World Transport Policy and Practice, 10(2):5 –11, ISSN 1352-7614.

2004    ‘Memory of Futures’, KronoScope 4(1): 297-315 ISSN 1567-715x

2003    ‘When Time is Money: Contested Rationalities of Time in the Theory and Practice of Work’, Theoria 102: 94-125, ISSN 0040-5817

2003    ‘Reflexive Modernization Temporalized’, Theory, Culture & Society 20(2):59-78 ISSN 0263-2764.

2002    ‘The Gendered Time Politics of Globalisation: of Shadowlands and Elusive Justice’ Feminist Review 70:3-29, ISSN 0141-7789.

2000    ‘The Temporal Gaze: Challenge for Social Theory in the Context of GM Food’, Millennium Issue BJS 51/1:125-142, ISSN 007 1315.

1999    ‘Timescapes - Zeitlandschaften: Ein neuer Blick auf Raum und Zeit’ Politische Ökologie 57/58:88-90ISSN 0947-5028.

1999    ‘Industrial Food for Thought: Timescapes of Risk’ Environmental Values, 8/2:219-238 ISSN 0963-2719.

1999    ‘Cuando el tiempo es dinero: racionalidades concurrentes sobre el tiempo y retos para la teoría y la práctica del trabajo’, Sociología del Trabajo, nueva época, 37:5-40 ISSN 0210-8364-33.

1998    ‘Values in the Cultural Timescapes of Science’ Cultural Values, 2,2/3:385-402, ISSN 1362-5179.

1997    with M. Held. K. Geißler, K. Kümmerer & M. Schneider (1997) ‘Time for the Environment. The Tutzing Time Ecology Project’. Time & Society 6,1:73-84 ISSN 0961-463X.

1996    with Maarten Mentzel, ‘The Environment in Question: from Crisis to the Maintenance of Things’ Innovation, the European Journal of Social Research. Special Issue on Environment and Social Theory Vol. 9/4 401-7 ISSN 1012-8050.

1996    ‘Beyond the Present: Nature, Technology and the Democratic Ideal’, Time & Society 5/3: 319-338 ISSN 0961-463X.

1995    with Gabriela Kütting, `Time to Re-conceptualise `Green Technology’ in the Context of Globalisation and International Relations’ Innovation in Environmental Research, 8,3: 243-260. ISSN 1012-8050.

1995    `Time for Feminist Approaches to Technology, "Nature" and Work' Arena 4:91-105. ISSN 1320-6567.

1995    `Auf dem Weg zur Laborzeit: Wandel der Zeiten in der Landwirtschaft’, Politische Ökologie, Sonderheft 8:20-25. ISSN 0947-5028.

1994    `Tid for feministiske forhold til teknologi, natur or arbeid’ Nytt om Kvinneforskning 4:5-15. ISSN 033-0265.

1994    `Beyond Boundaries: Time for Reconceptualisation in the Face of Global Challenges' Social Science Information sur les sciences sociales, 33:597-620. ISSN 0539-0184.

1993    `Within and Beyond the Time Economy of Employment Relations', Social Science Information sur les sciences sociales, 32:163-84. ISSN 0539-0184.

1993    `Time and Environmental Crisis: An Exploration with Special Reference to Pollution', Innovation in Social Science Research, 6:399-413. ISSN 1021-8050.

1992    `Modern Times: The Technology Connection and its Implications for Social Theory.' Time and Society, 1:175-92. ISSN 0961-463X

1989    `Feminist Social Theory Needs Time. Reflections on the Relation between Feminist Thought, Social Theory and Time as an Important Parameter in Social Analysis', Sociological Review, 37:458-73. ISSN 0038-0261

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Book Chapters

2009     ‘Futures in the Making: Sociological Practice and Challenge’, in Jeffries, V. ed. Handbook of Public Sociology. Lanham, Maryland: Rowman & Littlefield, pp. 429-45 ISBN 978-0-7425-6646-0.

2004    ‘Cosmopolis and Chronopolis. Towards a Responsible Polity of Spatial and Temporal Equity’ in Poferl, A. and Sznaider, N. eds. Ulrich Becks kosmopolitisches Projekt. Auf dem Weg in eine andere Soziologie. Baden-Baden: Nomos Verlagsgesellschaft, pp.205-217 ISBN 3-8329-0654-1.

2004    ‘Of Metaphors, Morals and Memories – Reflections on Socio-environmental Action from a Temporal Perspective’ in Jochimsen, M. A., Kesting, S. and Knoblauch, U. eds. Lebensweltökonomie, Bielefeld: Kleine Verlag, pp.199-216, ISBN 3-89370-397-7.

2002    with Whipp, R. and Sabelis, I. ‘Choreographing Time and Management: Traditions, Developments and Opportunities in Whipp, R. Adam, B. and Sabelis, I. eds. Making Time. Time and Management in Modern Organizations. Oxford: Oxford UP,pp. 1-28,ISBN 0-19-925370-6.

2001    ‘Zeitpolitik und Gender: Eine zeitokologische Perspektive für Umweltsoziologie’ in Nebelung, A., Poferl, A. and Schultz, I. eds. Geschlechterverhältnisse – Naturverhältnisse. Feministische Auseinandersetzungen und Perspektiven der Umweltsoziologie.Opladen: Leske & Budrich, pp 227-244, ISBN 3-8100-3064-3.

2001    ‘The Value of Time in Transport’ in Giorgi, L. and Pohoryles, R. eds. Transport Policy and Research: What Future? Aldershot: Ashgate, pp. 130-143, ISBN 0-7546-1459-X.

2000    with S. Hofmeister, ‘Vorsorgendes Wirtschaften in Zeiten. Zur Bedeutung der Zeitvielfalt für eine Ökonomie der Vorsorge.’ in A Biesecker, M Mathes, S Schöne, B Scurell, Babette (eds.) Vorsorgendes Wirtschaften. Auf dem Weg in eine Ökonomie des Guten Lebens, Bielefeld: Kleine Verlag, pp 238-248, ISBN 3-89370-343-8.

2000    ‘Mediating Environmental Hazards: The Role of Newspapers in Informing and Educating the Public’ in  H Heid, E-H Hoff and K Rodax (eds) Ökologische Kompetenz (Jahrbuch Bildung und Arbeit 98) Opladen: Leske & Brudrich, pp146-162, ISBN 3-8100-2259-4.

2000    ‘Mediated Risk: BSE in the Broadsheets’, in S Allan, B Adam and C Carter  (eds) Environmental Risks and the Media, London and New York: Routledge, pp. 117-129, ISBN 0-415-21447-5 (pb) ISBN 0-415-21446-7 (hb).

1999    ‘Naturzeiten, Kulturzeiten und Gender - Zum Konzept “Timescape”,  in S Hofmeister und M Spitzner (eds) Zeitlandschaften. Perspektiven  öko-sozialer  Zeitpolitik.Stuttgart: Hirzel. ISBN 3-7776-0875-0 (pb).

1999    ‘La responsbilita e la dimensione temporale della scienzia, della tecnologia e della natura’ in C. Leccardi (ed) Limiti della modernita. Trasformazioni del mondo e della conoscenza. Roma: Carocci editore, pp 39-58, ISBN 88-430-1474-9.

1999    ‘Un/Learning the Habits of Clock Time: Re-Vision Time for Time in Education’ in C. Symes and D. Meadmore (eds) The Extra-Ordinary School: Parergonality & Pedagogy. New York: Peter Lang Publ. Inc., pp. 103-128, ISBN08204-3812-X, ISSN1058-1634.

1999    `Radiated Identities: In Pursuit of the Temporal Complexity of Conceptual Cultural Practices’ in Featherstone and Lash (eds) Spaces of Culture: City, Nation, World. London: Sage, pp. 138-158, ISBN 0-7619-6121-6 hb, ISBN 0-7619-6121-4 (pb).

1998   ‘Values in the Cultural Timescapes of Science’, in S Lash, A Quick, and R Roberts, eds. Time and Value. Oxford: Blackwell, pp. 227-244, ISBN 0-631-21003-2.

1998    `Chernobyl: Implicate Order of Socio-environmental Chaos’ in  J.T. Fraser and M Soulsby (eds) Time and Chaos, Madison: International Universities Press, pp. 109-124, ISBN 0-8236-6547-X.

1997    K. Geißler and B. Adam ‘Alles zu jeder Zeit und Überall’ in B. Adam, K. Geißler and M. Held (eds) Die Non-Stop Gesellschaft und ihr Preis. Stuttgart/Leipzig: Hirzel, pp. 11-31, ISBN 3-7776-0796-7.

1997    ‘Timescapes for Posterity: Critical Issues for Managing the Environment’, in D. Caseby (ed.) Between Tradition and Innovation: Time in a Managerial Perspective. Palermo: Fabio Orlando, pp. 105-114, ISBN 88-86289-08-1.

1997    ‘Time and the Environment’ in M. Redclift and G. Woodgate (eds) International Handbook of Environmental Sociology, Cheltenham: Edward Elgar, pp. 169-178, ISBN 1-85898-405-X.

1996    `Technology-Ecology Connection and its Conceptual Representation' in J. T. Fraser and M. Soulsby (eds) Dimensions of Time and Life: The Study of Time VIII, Boston: International UP, pp. 207-14, ISBN 0-8236-1295-3.

1996    `Re-Vision: The Centrality of Time for an Ecological Social Science Perspective', in S. Lash, R. Szerszynski, B. and B. Wynne (eds) Risk, Environment and Modernity: Towards a New Ecology. London: Sage, pp. 85-103, ISBN 080397937-1 (hb), ISBN 080397938-X (pb).

1996    ‘Time for Feminist Approaches to Technology, ‘Nature’ and Work’, in J. Pilcher and A. Coffey (eds) Gender and Qualitative Research, Aldershot: Avebury, pp. 149-163, ISBN 1859721990 (hb).

1995    `The Temporal Landscape of Global/ising Culture and the Paradox of Postmodern Futures, in B. Adam and S. Allan (eds) Theorising Culture: An Interdisciplinary Critique After Postmodernism, London: UCL Press, New York: NYUP, pp. 249-62, ISBN 85728-328-7 (hb), ISBN 85728-329-5 (pb).

1995    `Symphonien von Ur- und Uhrzeiten: die Rhythmen des täglichen Lebens', in K. Geißler and M. Held (eds) Von Rhythmen und Eigenzeiten. Perspektiven einer Ökologie der Zeit. Stuttgart: Edition Universitas, Hirzel, pp. 19-31,ISBN 3-8047-1414-5 (pb).

1995    `De-Traditionalisation and the Certainty of an Uncertain Future' in P. Heelas, S. Lash and P. Morris (eds) Detraditionalisation: Authority and Self in an Age of Cultural Uncertainty, Oxford: Blackwell, pp. 134-48, ISBN 1-55786-554-X (hb), ISBN 1-55786-555-8 (pb).

1994    `Running out of Time: Environmental Crisis and the Need for Active Engagement', in T. Benton and M. Redclift (eds) Social Theory and the Environment, London: Routledge, pp. 93-112, ISBN 0-415-11169-2 (hb), ISBN 0-41511170-6 (pb).

1994    `Perceptions of Time', in T. Ingold (ed.) Humanity, Culture and Social Life, Companion Encyclopaedia of Anthropology, London: Routledge, pp. 503-26, ISBN 0-4115-02137-5 (hc).

1992    `Time and Health Implicated: A Conceptual Critique', in R. Frankenberg (ed.) Time, Health and Medicine, London: Sage, pp. 153-64, ISBN 0-8039-8678-5 (hc).

1992    `There is more to Time in Education than Calendars and Clocks', in M. Morrison, (ed.) Managing Time for Education. University of Warwick, pp. 18-34, ISBN 187-1501-105.

1988    `Social versus Natural Time: A Traditional Distinction Re-examined', in M. Young and T. Schuller (eds), The Rhythms of Society, Routledge & Kegan Paul, pp. 174-97, ISBN 0-415-025338.

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Research Publications

2007     ‘In Pursuit of the Future’, ESRC Professorial Fellowship (RES-051-27-0049) End-of-Award Report, pp. 23.

2003-2007  The Futures website contains 11 Working Papers, 11 Research Briefings and numerous Conference Presentations by Barbara Adam

2004  Of Metaphors, Morals and Memories: Environmental Criticism from a Socio-temporal Perspective, Cardiff Working Papers Series 68, ISBN 1 904815 34 0.

2004  Minding Futures, Cardiff Working Papers Series 67, ISBN 1 904815 33 2.

2002 with Harris, P and Lewis, J.  'Time Panel Consultation Document', 1-30.

2000  ‘Foresight for Transport: Time Implications for Transport' Work Package 1, pp 1-22.

2000  ‘Bridging Time Theory and Practice: Exploring Time Politics for the Food System', ESRC End-of-Award Report (R000222946) pp 40.

1999  Bridging Time Theory and Practice: Exploring the Time Politics of Food, Cardiff : Cardiff University pp. 58 ISBN - 1-86182-017-8.

1998  Time, Common Transport Policy and the Environment, EURO: TEN-ASSES  (Contract No. ST-96-AM.601) D8, 90 pp.

1998  with K. A. Geißler, M. Held, K. Kümmerer & M. Schneider Ökologie der Zeit. Vom Finden der rechten Zeitmaße, Munich : Ökom Verlag, pp. 38, ISBN 3-928244-42-6.

1998  Time and Environmental Change, Briefing, (ESRC) Global Environmental Change Programme , Sussex : Programme Office, 4 pp.

1996  Mapping the Environment: Temporal and Spatial Problems for the Social Sciences, ESRC End-of-Award Report , December 1996, 28 pp.

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Publications in German


2005 Adam, B. Das Diktat der Uhr. Frankfurt a.M: Suhrkamp, Edition Zweite Moderne.

1998 Adam, B., Geissler, K.A. und Held M. (Hg) Die Non-stop Gesellschaft und ihr Preis. Stuttgart: HIrzel.


2001 Adam, B. ‘Zeitpolitik und Gender: Eine zeitoekologische Perspektive fuer die Umwelsoziologie’ in Andreas Neberlung, Angelika Poferl, Irmgard Schulz (Hrsg.) Geschlechterverhaeltniss – Naturverhaeltnisse. Feministische Auseinandersetzungen und Perspektiven der Umweltsoziologie. Opladen: Leske & Bdurich.

1999  Adam, B. Naturzeiten, Kulturzeiten und Gender: Zum Konzept "Timescape", pp.35-59 in S. Hofmeister und M. Spitzner, Zeitlandschaftern. Perspektiven öko-sozialer Zeitpolitik. Stuttgart, Hirzel.

1998 Geissler, K. A and Adam, B. Alles zu jeder Zeit und ueberall. Die Non-stop Gesellschaft unf ihr Preis, pp. 11-30 in Adam.B.,  Geissler, K.A. und Held M. (Hg) Die Non-stop Gesellschaft und ihr Preis. Stuttgart: HIrzel.

1995  Adam, B. Von Urzeiten und Uhrenzeit. Eine Symphonie der Rhythmen des täglichen Lebens, pp.19-30 in Held, M. and Geißler K. (Hg.) Von Rhythmen und Eigenzeiten. Perspektiven einer Ökologie der Zeit.  Stuttgart: Universitas/Hirzel.

1995  Adam, B. Auf dem Weg zur Laborzeit. Wandel der Zeiten in der Landwirtschaft. Pp 20-25 in Schneider, M. Geissler, K.A. und Held, M. (Hg.)‚ Zeit-Frass. Zur Ökologie der Zeit in Landwirtschaft und Ernährung’ Sonderheft 8 Politische Ökologie.

Presentations in German

2009  Adam, B. Vortrag, Zeitvielfalt in der Evolution aus gesellschaftstheoretischer Sicht. Vortragsreihe Berlin-Brandenburgischen  Wissenschaftsakademie zum Jahresthema ‘Evolution’.

2009  Adam, B. Vortrag, Zeit ist Geld: Geschwindigkeit aus zeitökonomischer und zeitökologischer Sicht. Tutzing EA Ökologie der Zeit Tagung zu ‘Jenseits der Beschleunigung. Zeitpolitische Perspektiven postfossiler Mobilität’.

2008  Adam, B. Vortrag, Menschliche Vergänglichkeit und das Streben nach Unsterblichkeit. Fundamentale Unsicherheit – Grundlage von Kultur und Religion. Tutzing EA Ökologie der Zeit Tagung zu, ‘Religion – Natur – Zeit’.

2006  Adam, B. Vortrag, Leere und Gelebte Zeit – Über den Umgang mit Zukunft Tutzing EA Ökologie der Zeit Tagung zu‚ Zeit der Zukunft – Über den Umgang mit Nichtwissen’

2005  Adam, B. Glossar, Zeitpolitik in Bezug auf Mobilität/Verkehr.

2004  Adam, B. Vortrag, Schneller ist Besser – Zeiten in der Verkehrspolitik, Tutzing EA Ökologie der Zeit Tagung zu ‘Zeitpolitik’.

2001  Adam, B. Vortrag, Timescapes – Natur – Gender: Eine Zeitökologische Perspektive, Umwelt Bundesamt (UBA) Workshop-Reihe  zu ‘Geschlechterverhältnisse und Nachhaltigkeit’.

2001  Adam, B.  Vortrag, Kann man die Zeiten der Natur managen? Tutzing EA Ökologie der Zeit Tagung zu ‘Zeit im Griff – im Griff der Zeit’.

2000  Adam, B. Vortrag, Die Verborgene Dimension der Zeit, Schlusskonvent des Freideutschen Kreises, Wetzlar.

2000  Adam, B. Vortrag Timescapes, Tutzing EA Ökologie der Zeit Tagung zu ‘Von der Vielfalt der Zeit’.

1995  Adam, B. Vortrag, Masslose Zukunft: Gedanken über die Auswirkungen der Nonstop Gesellschaft ,  Tutzing EA Ökologie der Zeit Tagung zu ‘Die Non-Stop Gesellschaft und ihr Preis’.

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