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Research Profile

Dr Nick Bailey 

Selected Publications

Academic Journal Articles

Thomas, M., Bailey, N. (2009) ‘Out of Time: Work, Temporal Synchrony and Families’, Sociology, 43 (4): 613-630, Sage, London, ISSN 00038-0385.

Bailey, N. (2006) ‘Risk Perception and safety management systems in the global maritime industry’, Policy and Practice in Health and Safety. 04 (2): 85-101.

Bailey, N., Housely, W., Belcher, P., (2006) Navigation, interaction and bridge team work’, Sociological Review. 54 (2), 342-362.

Thomas, M. and Bailey, N. (2006) ‘Square pegs in round holes? leave periods and role   displacement in UK-based seafaring families’ Work, Employment and   Society. 20(1): 129-149


Research Reports

Bailey, N., Ellis, N., Sampson, H. (2010) 'SIRC Report to the PYA on Living and Working Conditions Aboard Yachts', commissioned by the Professional Yachtsmen's Association.

Bailey, N., Ellis, N., Sampson, H. (2010) Safety and Perceptions of Risk: A Comparison Between Respondent Perceptions and Recorded Accident Data, SIRC Publication, October, ISBN: 1-900174-38-3 and online:

Bailey, N., Ellis, N., Sampson, H. (2008) 'Training and Technology Onboard Ship: How seafarers learned to use the shipboard Automatic Identification System (AIS)', SIRC Publication, July, ISBN: 1-900174-34-0 and online:

Bailey, N., Ellis, N., Sampson, H. (2007) 'Perceptions of Risk in the Maritime Industry: Personal Injury', SIRC Publication, October, ISBN: 1-900174-32-4 and online:

Bailey, N., Ellis, N., Sampson, H., (2006) ‘Perceptions of Risk in the Maritime Industry: Ship Casualty’, Cardiff: SIRC, ISBN: 1-900174-29-4 and online:

Bailey, N. (2003)  ‘Seafarer Compensation Claims’ commissioned report for the International    Transport   Workers’ Federation (ITF); (also submitted by ITF to the International Maritime Organisation / International Labour Organisation joint working party).


Conference Papers

Bailey, N. (2009) ‘Making sense of differences in perceptions of risk’, SIRC Symposium 2009, Cardiff, 8-9 July, ISBN 1-900174-37-5, online:

Bailey, N. (2007) ‘Maritime Incidents: ways of seeing’. SIRC Symposium2007, Cardiff University, 4-5 July: 112-137, online:

Bailey, N., (2005) ‘Training, technology and AIS: looking beyond the box’. SIRC Symposium 2005, Cardiff University, 6-7 July: 109-129, online:

Bailey, N., (2006) AIS and Collision Avoidance: Some Implications’, International Symposium Information on Ships (ISIS) 2006, Hamburg: Germany, 21–22 September.