Population medicine

An approach to research and education that considers the whole environment within which healthcare is delivered, far beyond the individual.

population medicine

Our aim is to improve the health of individuals through research, innovation, and teaching focused on patient populations and the health systems affecting their care.

We aim to build on our existing partnerships and contribute to the creation of effective health policy that demonstrates real impact to total population health.

This involves:

  • promoting population health beyond the boundaries of the individual being treated
  • consideration of the causes of health problems and how prevention can reduce their burden
  • understanding the patient and the wider environment / community within which they live and the challenges they face
  • reviewing and scrutinising how we currently treat various health problems / conditions
  • looking at ways to make health care better in terms of the quality, cost effectiveness, and disparities of medical care
  • being aware of the socioeconomic factors, health behaviours and the physical environment of the population and how this affects the prevention and treatment of chronic disease
  • developing a better understanding of what it's like to live with a chronic condition outside the hospital or clinic
  • using information technology to improve and protect health and to develop a better experience for both patients and health professionals
  • training the next generation of clinical, research and health system leaders to fully understand and appreciate the many factors that influence / impact on the health of the population.