Strategic Planning and Governance

The department of Strategic Planning and Governance is one of the 9 central professional services departments and supports the University to make the right decisions and to make decisions in the right way.

The department supports the University’s leadership team to develop, implement and achieve its strategy, to understand its educational and research performance, its competitive position, and its opportunities for collaboration.  It aims to promote an evidence-based and strategic management culture supporting the University’s Council and Executive Management team by enabling them to meet their corporate governance obligations.

The Department consists of 7 teams: Governance Services, Assurance Services, Welsh Translation Service, Performance and Risk team, Intelligence and Planning team, Administrative Hub and Cardiff’s Internal Audit Service.

Current vacancies

No vacancies currently available.

No vacancies currently available.

About the team

Governance Services

The Governance Services team adds value by supporting an effective governance environment, including support for the governing body (Council) and its committees, and providing support to the University through business continuity and incident response planning. It is responsible for ensuring that governance structures and processes are fit for purpose and that the University meets the requirements of the regulators (HEFCW and the Charity Commission) by developing and maintaining its governance framework (Statutes, Ordinances, regulations, policies and procedures).

Assurance Services

The Assurance Services team is responsible for reviewing the external legal and regulatory context, for developing an effective and efficient assurance framework, for designing effective control mechanisms and maintaining, reviewing and developing regulations, policies and procedures. The team provides specialist advice on legal and regulatory compliance in the areas of Public and Academic Standards (e.g. Freedom of Speech, Welsh Language legislation, Equality and Diversity) and Information Assurance (e.g. Freedom of Information, Information Rights, Copyright and Licensing). In addition, the team commissions on behalf of the University’s academic units and departments external legal advice and support.

Welsh Translation Service

The Welsh Translation team provides a Welsh to English and English to Welsh translation service to the University’s departments, College and Schools.

Performance and Risk Team

The Performance and Risk team add value by supporting the University in developing, implementing and achieving its strategy, with specific attention to its research and education sub strategies. The team provides high quality, relevant and strategic internal and external intelligence (covering research, education, government policy, etc.) to develop and implement the framework of the University’s strategy incorporating University strategic projects, transformational programmes, performance measurement and the management of strategic risk. The team contributes to and develops University wide strategic proposals for effective performance enhancement such as rolling REF, innovative research schemes and education related initiatives.

Planning and Intelligence team

This team support an evidence-based strategic management culture. The team is responsible for developing high quality external competitor analysis and external and internal analyses to inform the University’s strategy, for developing a performance review and planning framework and for supporting the performance review process as an evidence-based process, for analysing and forecasting league table performance, for conducting the annual Uniforum benchmarking surveys, for ensuring the external returns the University makes are delivered on time and to a high standard, for jointly developing the benefits realization framework with the Programme Management Office, and for developing and maintaining the data management framework.  The team also has developed and leads the University-wide Cardiff Data Professionals’ Community of Practice.  This is a grouping of over 60 staff who use data and management information across the University.

Administrative Hub

The team provides high quality administrative support to the University’s Committees and supports a number of University wide schemes and initiatives, such as Networks, Research Schemes and Periodic Review of Professional Services.

Internal Audit Service

The role of Internal Audit is to provide independent assurance that an organisation’s risk management, governance and internal control processes are operating effectively. Internal auditors deal with issues that are fundamentally important to the survival and prosperity of an organisation. Unlike external auditors they look beyond financial risks and statements to consider wider issues such as organisation’s reputation, growth, its impact on the environment and the way it treats its employees. The team develops and carries out a programme of internal audits offering great insight, analysis and assurance to senior management, contextualised within the wider university strategy. In conjunction with senior stakeholder the team carries out programme and project specific audits in line with the institution’s risk profile. The team supports the University continuous improvement culture by promoting active engagement of senior management with the audit recommendations and follow up reviews and works across the institution with other assurance providers. The team works in partnership with specialist externally sourced internal auditors.