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Postgraduate Students

Ms Margit Simon

PhD Title: Thermal and hydrographic structure of the Natal Valley sector of the Agulhas Current in the SW Indian Ocean over the past 150 ka: Links to South African climate.

Supervisors: Prof. Dr. Ian Hall, Dr. Stephen Barker

Recent studies suggested that variations of the Agulhas leakage south of Africa are key players in global climate developments, and hence understanding their operation is important to climate projections. The aim of this project is to define changing patterns of the thermal and hydrographic structure of the Agulhas Current in the Natal Valley area over the past approximately 150 ka. The results will help to answer crucial questions such as: which influence has the leakage into the Atlantic Ocean on the upper ocean column stratification in the main flow area of the current. How is this connected to the deep-water flow? Is there an anti-phasing of the surface flow and the deep-water dynamics? How is this signal transmitted to South Atlantic record?