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Postgraduate Students

Mr Tuviere Omeru

PhD Title: Fluid Flow in Sedimentary Basin

Supervisors: Joe Cartwright (3D Lab, Cardiff University) and Dr. Tiago Alves (3D Lab, Cardiff University)

The PhD research focuses on characterizing the larger scale patterns of hydrocarbon migration by tracking ‘batches’ of hydrocarbon fluids on seismic data. One of the main tasks is to classify the stratigraphy and structural geology of the migration pathways, and the type of ‘plumbing’ will be correlated with the tectono-stratigraphic context. We aim assess the migration through a spatial analysis of potential leakage points or avenues. The results will provide critical new insights that can inform future decision making regarding the most suitable traps for hydrocarbons, and may also inform those working with carbon capture and storage. The project will employ a mixture of 3D seismic data to characterize fluid flow plumbing of basins in contrasting tectonic settings (Africa, N. Sea, SE Asia) and well data to provide insights as to lithology and geochemistry of oil and gas that have migrated in the past through the basins.