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Postgraduate Students

Mr Ben Manton

PhD Title: Magma Plumbing in the Upper Continental Crust

Supervisors: Prof. Joe Cartwright (3D seismic lab) and Dr. Andrew Kerr (magmatism and geodynamics, Cardiff University)

The PhD investigates sill emplacement in the upper continental crust (the first few kilometres) using 3D seismic data (Norwegian Sea), physical analysis and fieldwork.

The project particularly focuses on bowl-shaped sills which are commonly found as high amplitude reflections in seismic data (e.g. Norwegian Continental Margin) and also in the field (e.g. Karoo, S.A.). The aim of the project is to produce a better emplacement theory for their origin. Also of interest are emplacement related compositional changes in sills and hydrothermal vents originating from them.