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Geotechnical Engineering

Geotechnical Engineering
Rock anchors used in remedial
works on a landslide at Rhigos
Mountain, South Wales coalfield. 

This module will first introduce the mechanical properties of rock, rock classification and description; analysis of rock slopes; excavation methods and design; control, maintenance and protection of rock slopes; the influence of groundwater and weathering on rock slope stability. Secondly, students will be introduced to standard practice in Site Investigation. The following elements will be discussed: desk studies; exploratory techniques including trial pitting, drilling and probing; design of ground investigations including phased approaches and economic considerations; factual and interpretative reporting; instrumentation and monitoring. Finally, engineering solutions to construction problems arising from ground conditions (soils and rocks) will be considered, and the role of the geologist in engineering design emphasised. The following topics will be discussed: Earth materials in relation to engineering; ground engineering problems including ground improvement, mining settlement; foundation engineering; retaining structures; groundwater control.


Ewan Thomas (external staff)