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Our research group investigates solid Earth dynamics, from planetary to microscales, relating to a diverse and significant range of topics incuding earthquakes, avalanches, sources of hydrocarbons and ores, and plate tectonics. This work utilises field and 3D seismic data, laboratory investigations and numerical modelling.

Recent research by group members examines continental margins (Alves), faulting and hydrothermal deposits (Blenkinsop), tectonics (Buchs), global mantle circulation (Davies), deformation and fluids (Fagereng).

Two of the School's key research facilities are at the core of our research. The group houses the 3D Lab (Alves), a significant research group and facility that uses industry 3D seismic data to address a wide range of questions. Mantle Geodynamics Group uses the major High-performance Computing facility for their projects and simulations.

Other group members use the School's extensive analytical facilities, including optical and electron microscopy facilities for microstructural studies, and LA-ICP-MS and ICP-OES for geochemical analyses of mineral and whole rock samples.

For more information about group members, including recent publications, please visit individual staff pages (scroll down):

Dr J. Huw Davies (*group leader, Mantle Geodynamics)
Research interests in all aspects of mantle geodynamics.

Dr Tiago Alves (3D Lab)
Research interests in fluid flow and tectonics of continental margins.

Prof Thomas Blenkinsop (Structural and Economic Geology)
Research interests in deformation processes at all scales, and in relation to hydrothermal mineral deposits.

Dr David Buchs (Tectonics)
Research interests in the tectonic evolution of oceans and convergent margins (using the geologic record preserved in modern and ancient subduction zones).

Dr Ake Fagereng (Structural Geology)
Research interests in rock deformation and active tectonics, particularly in mechanisms of strain localization and controls on seismic vs. aseismic behaviour of fault zones.