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Academic Staff

Dr Tiago Alves

I started my appointment with Cardiff University's 3D Seismic Lab in 2006 after post-doctoral research positions at the Portuguese Mining and Geological Institute (2002-2004) and Hellenic Centre of Marine Research, Greece (2004-2006). While in Athens, I was an EU-funded research fellow funded by the EURODOM and HERMES projects. In Portugal (Lisbon), I pioneered the study of the deep-water basins of West Iberia integrating reflection seismic, sidescan sonar and Industry borehole data – completing a PhD in Geology at the University of Manchester (2002) on the theme of deep-water rift basins. I was part of the Portuguese equivalent of the UNCLOS Group, responsible for the extension of the outer limits of continental shelf under the UN Law of the Sea, from 2002 to 2004. I also participated in several research cruises in the North Atlantic, Mediterranean Sea, Japan and North Africa, most of which aimed at exploring deep-water basins on ‘passive’ and ‘active’ tectonic settings.

Key research topics I develop at the moment include:

  • The tectono-stratigraphic evolution of continental slope basins through seismic-reflection and borehole data, closely investigating the interaction between active faulting, sedimentation and fluid-flow;
  • The sequence stratigraphy of syn-rift sequences on divergent continental margins, and their transition(s) to a post-rift passive margin setting;
  • The petrophysical analysis of mass-transport deposits in tectonically active settings.
  • Environmental impacts of oil and gas exploration (and production).

Since joining the School, I have been concentrated in building up a solid research portfolio on quantitative seismic interpretation, combining ‘new’ and ‘classical’ techniques to interpret seismic, well-log and stratigraphic data. Examples of new interpretation techniques and workflows have been recently published on American Association of Petroleum Geologists Bulletin (Alves et al., 2009); Earth and Planetary Science Letters (Alves, 2012; Soares et al., 2012; 2014) and SEG/AAPG Interpretation (Alves et al., 2015; Marfurt and Alves, 2015).

I now lead the 3D Seismic Lab, supervising postgraduate students and leading research projects with industry, academia and governmental institutions. I am closely involved in the supervision of PhD and M.Sc. students at Cardiff, collaborating actively with Total, Statoil, Petrobras (Brazil), Husky Energy, Statoil, Repsol and Partex Oil and Gas in Industry-related projects under the general theme of continental margins and basin analysis. I also collaborate with the IODP – Integrated Ocean Drilling Program in a number of projects, namely in Japan and Brazil/North Africa.

At present, my current key research areas include East Canada (Newfoundland, Labrador and W Greenland), the Eastern Mediterranean Sea (Crete and Levantine Basin), the West Iberian Margin (Portugal, Spain and NW Morocco), Santos and Espírito Santo Basins, the Amazon Fan and Equatorial Brazil (South America), the Nankai Trough (SE Japan), New Zealand, Australia, and West Africa (Angola, Nigeria, Namibia).

A significant part of my research projects are complemented with field data from the Lusitanian Basin (Portugal), Southeast Spain, Crete, Italy, Cyprus and Morocco, where Mesozoic to Holocene outcrops of structurally deformed marine strata are used as analogues for 3D seismic data.

Industry and Research Council projects

As of October 2014, PI and supervisor of 21 research projects, totalling £1.3M in grant money, university fees and PhD student stipends.

Consultancy and invited courses and talks

Consultancy projects for major companies such as Petrobras, Husky and Statoil.

Invited courses at Petrobras, Total, Galp.

Participation in EU and European Commission projects, innovation and engagement activities, Table Top exercises and courses.