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Academic Staff

Dr Tiago Alves

B.Sc. (5-years) Engineering Geology (1997, Universidade Nova de Lisboa)
PhD (2002, University of Manchester) "Salt vs. fault Tectonics on the Western Iberian Margin: Controls on Meso-Cenozoic Depositional Systems"

Fellow of the Geological Society of London
American Association of Petroleum Geologists

External Activities
Member of the Awards Committee of the Geological Society of London
PhD examiner (Manchester, Leeds)
MSc Examiner (Bergen)


My responsibilities as a lecturer include:

  • Petroleum Geology and Basin Analysis (3rd year) - Module leader
  • Advanced Stratigraphy and Sedimentology (3rd year) - Module leader
  • Engineering Geology (3rd year, teaching Reservoir Engineering)
  • Structural Techniques field trip (2nd year)
  • Palaeozoic of Northern Spain Sedimentology field trip (2nd year students)
  • MESci field trip to SE Spain

Postgraduate supervision

- D. Gamboa (Post-doc: 2013-14): Raft evolution in NW Africa

- R. Pereira (PhD, 2008-12): Rifting in SW Iberia-N Africa - Now at Petroleum Development Oman
- D. Gamboa (PhD: 2008-12): Halokinesis and controls on depositional systems offshore Brazil - Now PDRA at Cardiff
- D. Carruthers (PhD: 2008-12): Fault systems and halokinesis - Now at the JAckson School of Mines, Austin (USA)
- D. Soares (2009-14): Breakup Sequences and their significance to rifted continental margins
- K. Omosanya (2012-14): Structural and depositional character of mass-transport deposits in salt-rich continental slopes - Now at Trondheim University, Norway
- A. Piedade (2012-  ): Internal character of mass-transport deposits
- U. Kaigama (2012-  ): Structural compartmentalisation of mass-transport deposits
- Q. Yongpeng (2013-  ): Evolution of Plio-Quaternary submarine channels in SE Brazil.
- Nicholas Ward (2014-   ): Evolution of concentric fault families.
- Nathalia Mattos (2014-   ): Strike-slip tectonics on salt-rich continental margins
- Tao Ze (2014-   ): Reactivation of crestal faults on growing salt diapirs
- Marco Azevedo (2014-   ): Stress distribution and fluid flow on Nankai Trough, SE Japan.

- A. Curtis (2008): Submarine channel evolution in SE Brazil
- S. Bale (2012): Quantification and modelling of gas hydrates in SE Japan (see also Bale et al., 2014, G-Cubed)
- Ph. Gowling (2013): Distinguishing igneous intrusions from hydrocarbons on continental margins (see also Alves et al., 2015, Interpretation)
- K. Jawed (2013): Halokinesis in the North Sea and associated fault families
- S. Newnes (2014): Fault reactivation in the Rotliegendes of the North Sea
- J. van Tuyl (2014): Stress decoupling on convergent margins
- C. Elliott (2014): Seal competence of Cretaceous units in the Southern North Sea (see also, Alves and Elliot, 2014)
- B. Thomas (2014): Carbonate stringers and impact on fluid flow offshore The Netherlands.