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Academic Staff

Dr Tiago Alves


B.Sc. (5-years) Engineering Geology (1997, Universidade Nova de Lisboa)

PhD (2002, University of Manchester) "Salt vs. fault Tectonics on the Western Iberian Margin: Controls on Meso-Cenozoic Depositional Systems"


My responsibilities as a lecturer include:

  • Petroleum Geology and Basin Analysis (3rd year) - Module leader
  • Advanced Stratigraphy and Sedimentology (3rd year) - Module leader
  • Engineering Geology (3rd year, teaching Reservoir Engineering)
  • Structural Techniques field trip (2nd year)
  • Palaeozoic of Northern Spain Sedimentology field trip (2nd year students)
  • MESci field trip to SE Spain


Fellow of the Geological Society of London, AAPG