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Academic Staff

Dr T.C. Hales

T.C. is a tectonic geomorphologist interested in the mechanics of sediment production in mountains. He uses field-based and numerical techniques to quantify the contribution of erosional processes to the mass flux of sediment from mountainous areas. Currently he focuses on three main research topics: How do tree roots stabilise hillslopes? How do intense frost weathering processes affect mountain elevation? What causes surface uplift in the presence of mantle plumes? His current field areas include the southern Appalachian Mountains (North Carolina), Sierra Nevada Mountains (California), Wallowa Mountains (Oregon) and the Southern Alps (New Zealand).

Prior to arriving at Cardiff, Dr Hales completed his undergraduate degree at the University of Canterbury, in Christchurch, New Zealand, and his PhD at the University of Oregon. He also spent time at the University of North Carolina as a postdoctoral fellow before joining the School of Earth, Ocean and Planetary Sciences in September 2007.