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Data and facilities

Our academics have been collecting data on the Wye and Usk river catchments for over four decades from source to estuary, through reservoirs, agricultural and urban areas. We also collaborate with citizen scientists to successfully monitor water quality and otter carcasses.


Citizen Science water quality

Water quality including physical, chemical and general observations collected starting in 2021 by citizen scientists, with training from Cardiff University researchers. Citizen scientists collect high frequency water quality data e.g. phosphate, nitrate, turbidity, conductivity and temperature.

Data collected and made available by:

  • Campaign for the Protection of Rural England
  • Friends of the Lugg
  • Friends of the Upper Wye
  • Wye Salmon Association

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Crayfish and parasites

Prevalence of crayfish parasites in invasive signal crayfish and native white clawed crayfish (2009-2014).

Key contact

Picture of Joanne Cable

Professor Joanne Cable

Head of Organisms and Environment Division

+44 29208 76022

Metagenomic sequencing data of water samples

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Biodiversity and ecosystem services

Steve Ormerod’s research from 1980s relating to dippers, invertebrates and acidity. NERC funded Diversity in Upland Rivers for Ecosystem Service Sustainability (DURESS) project (2012-15). Datasets include chemical (1981-2013), bird territories (dipper and grey wagtails, 2007-2010), fish length and weight (2013-15), invertebrate abundance (1981-2012), stable isotopes (2008), photosynthetic rates of biofilm (2013), water quality (2013) and associated site data.

Key contacts

Picture of Isabelle Durance

Professor Isabelle Durance

Professor and Director of the Water Research Institute

+44 29208 74484

Water quality for water supply

Drivers of algal blooms and their impact on water supply resilience through drought at Landegfedd reservoir and Llangorse lake.

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Remote water quality sensors

Water quality sondes installed 2021 and 2022 to measure temperature, level, conductivity, pH, dissolved oxygen and nitrate. Real time data reported every four hours to

Otter tissue archive

Long term environmental surveillance scheme (1994- present), using otters found dead to investigate biaccumulative chemicals, disease, and population biology across the UK. Archive of otter tissues and associated data available for further investigations. Otter relatedness research on the Gwent levels informed road building decisions.

Read more about the Otter Project.

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Usk reservoir real-time water management model

An intelligent analytics system for real-time catchment regulation and water management. Model can predict water level in next 5 days.

Key contact

Picture of Ioan Petri

Ioan Petri

Senior Lecturer

+44 29208 70016

Expertise across the region

Environmental Law

Riparian property ownership and common law rights

Picture of Ben Pontin

Professor Ben Pontin

Professor in Law and Head of Law

+44 29208 76718


Energy, infrastructure, economic value of tourism, costs and benefits of environmental interventions

Picture of Maxim Munday

Professor Maxim Munday

Director of Welsh Economy Research Unit

+44 29208 75089