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Our long-term research in the Wye and Usk delivers evidence for the management of freshwaters as well as wider advances in whole systems knowledge.

The data and facilities collated here stem from multiple research projects spanning 40 years, from small student-led projects to large consortium initiatives. Drawing from local to international partnerships, this Wye and Usk Observatory is an opportunity to share knowledge across disciplines and sectors.

Wlaes' rivers and lakes

Data and facilities

Our data and facilities are available to collaborators to investigate freshwater pressures and interventions. Data collection started in the 1980s, which enables historical trend analysis. We are keen to explore new uses of our data and facilities.

Isabelle discussing

People and partners

Learn more about our researchers, collaborators and sponsors.

Water research


Knowledge and solutions to the challenge of sustaining freshwaters for people and ecosystems in a changing world.