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Second language pathway

We welcome second language students and provide additional support during their studies to help develop their fluency and their confidence in Welsh.

During the first year, second language route students follow between four and six modules in Welsh which focus on:

  • literature
  • Welsh culture
  • developing communication skills
  • research

The first language and second language route students come together in the second year and third year to follow the same modules.

For the second language route, two specific modules are provided in the second year - Language Skills and Academic Writing - to continue to develop confidence and fluency while using the language orally and in written format and to understand it in the wider context of social and working life.

The School of Welsh helped me significantly during my studies. To tell the truth, all of the staff were a huge support to me and my fellow second language students. Conversational classes and individual sessions were held to strengthen our language skills and develop our confidence in preparation for life outside of the class room.

Callum Davies – Player Liaison Cardiff City FC