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Welsh life in Cardiff

There are over 100,000 Welsh speakers in Cardiff, which means there’s a vibrant and active community waiting to welcome you.

You may not get to meet all of Cardiff’s Welsh speakers, but what kind of social and cultural experience can you expect in the capital?

"I am thrilled to be studying in the capital. It's a fantastic location to live in which offers a great opportunity to socialise in Welsh."

Mared Harries

Our students’ Welsh language lives

As a Welsh-speaking student and a resident of one of the Welsh-language flats available in Senghennydd Court or Tal-y-Bont North, you are guaranteed to hear Welsh being spoken morning through night.

You’ll hear it at the breakfast table, in lecturers and seminars and over a cup of tea before bed. What kind of exposure can you expect outside of the teaching and living environments?

The first thing to say is that it is a very exciting time for Welsh language students at Cardiff University. This year marks the first year of existence for Cardiff’s Welsh Students’ Union (UMCC) and a number of School students have already been elected as officers.

The UMCC is here to represent your interests as a Welsh-speaking Cardiff University student and to ensure you can enjoy every aspect of your student experience. You'll be welcome to contribute to the Union’s work and be a part of an exciting new chapter in our history.

Social life

The Gym Gym

Y Gym Gym

A great way to develop your social life is to join the legendary Welsh Society (the Gym Gym). You could join one of the society’s sports teams, attend its many social events held here in Cardiff or sometimes on tour, in Dublin or Edinburgh in support of the Welsh rugby team.

Cymdeithas Iolo

Cymdeithas Iolo

Another option is to join Cymdeithas Iolo, a society which places emphasis on cultural activities, and is specifically for students of the School of Welsh, although everyone receives a warm welcome at events. A highlight in the annual calendar is the poetry night competition (Stomp) between Cymdeithas Iolo members and School staff. Perhaps you can help Cymdeithas Iolo achieve victory. You’ll face fierce competition from the staff however, who are always keen to emerge triumphant.

Waun Ddyfal choir

Waun Ddyfal choir

Alternatively, the Waun Ddyfal choir will certainly be of interest to the musically inclined. Many fellow students will be members of this highly social but also highly successful choir. You will no doubt hear about famous victories at the Urdd and National Eisteddfods, the Cerdd Dant Festival and the Welsh Youth Choir competition. Or, maybe you’ll hear more about a performance at the Welsh festival in Disneyland Paris!

Beyond the University

While you are well catered for on campus, there’s also plenty going on through the medium of Welsh across the city.

The thriving arts scene means that Welsh-language plays are regularly staged at the Sherman Theatre and Chapter Arts Centre. There's also a host of more informal events and performances such as Bragdy’r Beirdd which is a popular independent literary evening with live poetry and music. The Welsh Centre in the Hen Lyfrgell also offers a wide range of events.

Within the city, you'll find a number of Welsh-language sports teams (football, hockey, rugby and cricket) while Menter Caerdydd can provide you with a great rundown of what’s going on, and where. You’ll be surprised at what is going on through the medium of Welsh – from ukulele bands to cynghanedd and skiing to Pilates.

With so much on offer, there probably isn’t a better time to be a Welsh-language student in Wales’ capital city.