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Research and Innovation sub-strategy

Our new research and innovation sub-strategy will ensure that our work has a positive impact on society and that we are well-placed to contribute to the health, wealth, security and well-being of future generations in Wales, the UK and across the globe.

Without research and innovation, COVID-19 would have been an unprecedented global health disaster. Long-term investments in UK research and innovation enabled a rapid response, aligned initially to development of therapies, but subsequently to approaches designed to address the long-term social, health and economic impacts of the pandemic.

Cardiff researchers – from bioinformaticians to lawyers, clinicians to journalists – have, and continue to, play a critical role in UK-wide efforts to address the challenges caused by COVID-19. This is complemented by new approaches to global data-sharing and collaboration, which would have been unthinkable a year ago.

Looking forward, our research and innovation ambitions remain unchanged but will be delivered mindful of these seismic changes, ensuring Cardiff continues to be well-placed to contribute to the health, wealth, security and well-being of future generations in Wales, in the UK and globally.

Our ambition

Cardiff University is a successful, internationally leading, broad-based, research-intensive university, confirmed by our top five position in REF 2014. As the Welsh Home of Innovation, we are committed to ensuring that our research has a positive impact on society.

We support our community of scholars to work with imagination, energy and creativity, developing solutions to global challenges, whether COVID-19, mental health, crime and security or climate change. From working to eradicate homelessness to developing the next generation of smart energy-efficient housing, our academics and students excel in cultivating the external partnerships they require for successful translation of excellent research.

Underpinning objectives

We will:

  • nurture and promote delivery of research excellence, with integrity and inclusivity
  • enrich our research culture, promoting success across all our diverse research communities
  • accelerate growth of major research and innovation clusters within the region
  • nurture and promote creative, innovative and entrepreneurial academics and students
  • train a skilled workforce able to accelerate delivery of the future economy.

Read the full sub-strategy

Research and Innovation sub-strategy

Read our sub-strategy for Research and Innovation.