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Education and students sub-strategy

Female student chatting to two male students

Our new sub-strategy will improve the quality of learning, teaching and the student experience.

We are committed to ensuring an educationally outstanding and consistently high-quality student experience, driven by creativity and curiosity, with excellent teaching and services to enhance learning, and support student life. We continue to attract well-qualified and highly motivated undergraduate, postgraduate taught and research students, supporting all students to fulfil their potential.

Giving greater priority to high-quality blended approaches to learning and teaching, we will build on our successful programmes to engage students in our research, innovation and engagement activities. Our students will benefit from and contribute to our research-rich learning environment and become part of our global alumni community.

We will build on our strong track record in widening participation to ensure we promote higher education for the benefit of all. We will work in partnership with our students to take them on an inspiring educational journey that will enrich their lives, preparing them for leadership and the world of work, and enable them to participate fully in society.

We will achieve this through changes in six main areas:

  • Creating an inclusive learning community
  • Enhancing the learning environment
  • Planning for successful student futures
  • Valuing and promoting teaching excellence
  • Supporting student life and learning community
  • Valuing our students as partners.

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Education and students sub-strategy

We are committed to a high quality student experience and work in partnership with our students to take them on an inspiring educational journey.