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Civic mission sub-strategy

Large group of community members cheering outside Grangetown Pavillion
Community members and volunteers taking part in the Community Gateway project.

The Way Forward 2018-23 is currently undergoing a strategic review. These pages will be updated in the autumn.

Our ambition is to be recognised for excellence in our civic mission activities, committed, as an equal partner, to working with schools, colleges, organisations and communities of the Cardiff Capital Region, Wales, UK and internationally to promote social cohesion and improve levels of health, wealth and well-being.

We will work with colleges, educational partners, and all schools in Wales through our Strategic Framework for School Engagement, supporting teachers and working towards improved educational attainment.  Part of our civic mission ambition, which touches on a number of sectors and activities, will be to create 1,000 high value jobs over the strategy period.

Building on the previous strategy

Building on the delivery of five flagship engagement projects, the strategic framework for schools engagement and other University engagement successes during the previous strategy period, such as the award-winning CAER Heritage project, we will ensure the sustainability of the activities and evolve the focus to ensure that the University as a whole is connected, delivering engaged impact together with our major stakeholders.

Civic mission

We are committed to improving the health, wealth and well-being of the people of Wales, creating 1,000 high value jobs by 2023.