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Enabling strategies

The Way Forward 2018-23 is currently undergoing a strategic review. These pages will be updated in the autumn.

In support of our academic, national and international strategic aims, we will take the following actions:


Through a new people strategy we will develop a positive staff experience to match the student experience, believing that success in both is interdependent and that well-being is a priority. For academic colleagues, the norm will be both to teach and research, and scholarly activity relating to teaching will enjoy parity of esteem with research activity. Professional Services colleagues will provide outstanding responsive support above the Russell Group median.

We will assess progress through our biennial staff survey, aiming to be in the top quartile among our peers for our staff recommending the university as a great place to work.


We will create on average over the period an annual operating cash surplus of at least £30m.  We will at least treble new funds secured from philanthropic sources by 2023, to reach a regular annual minimum of £7.5m. Our approach to budgeting will be based on a contribution model that both rewards success and creates the financial basis for the University to invest for the benefit of all.

Estates and infrastructure

We will continue to put our Estates Masterplan into practice and carry out a programme of renewal, maintenance and refurbishment in support of The Way Forward ambitions.

Environmental sustainability

We will reduce our carbon emissions and our use of energy, water and plastic, minimising pollution and waste by re-using and recycling wherever possible.

Following the climate declaration and publication of the white paper documenting our baseline carbon emissions, we are in the process of updating the Environmental Sustainability Enabling Strategy action plan.

Environmental Sustainability Strategy recast 2021

‘A More Sustainable University’ - Environmental Sustainability Enabling Strategy 2018-2023 (Recast 2020)

Mental health

We are committed to creating a mentally healthy learning, working and living environment where every member of the University community can thrive.

Enabling Success: A Strategy for Creating a Mentally Healthy University

Our strategy draws on the higher education sector’s ‘Stepchange’ framework approach to mental health, which Cardiff University was instrumental in developing.

The Welsh language

This strategy builds on existing Welsh language initiatives, networks and activities and embodies the values of connectivity, diversity, sustainability, wellbeing, cultural understanding and a duty to future generations.

The strategy’s ambitions provide a clearly defined agenda that enhances the University’s overarching research, teaching and international ambitions and offer a first-rate Welsh-language experience for students and staff alike.

Welsh Language Strategy

Cardiff University's Welsh Language Strategy.