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Sustainable food

Research previously done by the BRASS Research Centre in this area included issues of accountability and food governance; food procurement (particularly in the public sector) and sustainability; the climate change impacts of food production and consumption; and ways to achieve more sustainable and socially responsible systems of food supply.

Projects currently underway are more focused around the bioeconomy and land use, and understanding the relationships between urban, peri-urban and rural areas across the sectors of both food and energy. This research continues to take a case study approach at several spatial scales across the UK and comparator areas internationally, with the regional view being particularly significant.

Cardiff is now a partner of the multidisciplinary Food Security and Land Research Alliance with Exeter, Bath and Bristol Universities and Rothamsted Research, which brings together expertise from biosciences and agricultural sciences to economics and social sciences, establishing the South West as a centre of global research excellence in food security research and land management.