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Co-evolving, interactive systems

Our researchers explore the relationship between ecological systems and social processes across different temporal and spatial scales. It examines the ways in which place-based sustainable futures can be created in the context of global environmental change.

Places emerge through interactions between four interrelated systems and processes:

  • physical (landscape)
  • ecological and ecosystems
  • technical and built
  • social and governance.

Integrative research that takes account of the evolving relationship between all four is lacking. This programme is developing theoretical models and analytical frameworks to better understand the co-evolving relationships between all four systems and processes. Specifically, it examines the interrelationship between natural and physical changes, the likely ecosystem consequences, and how societal responses both shape, and are shaped by, governance arrangements and the technical and built infrastructure

Developing from theoretical engagement, our work explores specific places, including urban, extra-urban and human modified rural and forested landscapes as well as coastal regions.

Research team

Professor Susan Baker

Professor Susan Baker

Emerita Professor, Co-director Sustainable Places Research Institute

+44 (0)29 2087 5237