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Appendix 2: Notable funded projects

Income generation

Over its lifetime, the Sustainable Places Research Institute was awarded numerous major externally funded research grants with international partners in China, Malaysia, Canada, the European Union and Latin America.

We are extremely grateful to all who have supported our work over the years, without whom, our work would not have been possible. While grants listed below are limited to those over £100,000 we recognise that Institute success in obtaining of many of these grants was rooted in the much smaller pilot grants (such as Internal GCRF, IAA etc) and awards that provided baseline material and research evidence to help build successful grant applications.

European Commission Funding

EU Commission: “Assessment of the impact of drivers of change on Europe’s food and nutrition security” (TRANSMANGO), Sonnino, R, Marsden, T. K, Moragues Faus, A.

EU Commission: “Managing aquatic ecosystems and water resources under multiple stress” (MARS). Durance, I. Ormerod, S.

EU Commission FP7: ICT Energy Consortium: “Knowledge-based energy management for public buildings through holistic information modelling and 3D visualization”, Rezgui, Y. Hopfe, C.

EU Commission: The Smart Cluster Energy System for the fish processing industry (piSCES) Rezgui Y, Mourshed M.

Marie Curie ITN Training Network: “Sustainable place shaping” (SUSPLACE), Marsden, T. Mehmood, A.


BBSRC: Global Food Security Programme “Transforming and growing relationships within regional food systems for improved nutrition and sustainability (TGRAINS), Sanderson-Bellamy, A.

ESRC: “Energy biographies; telling the energy story”. Henwood, K. Pidgeon, N.

ESRC Transformative Grant: “WHealth modelling: A new technology for evidence-based urban policy and planning”, Webster, Cooper, C.

NERC: UKERC “Transforming the UK energy systems: public values, attitudes and acceptability”, Pidgeon, N.

NERC: “Resilience to earthquake-induced landslide risk in China” (REACH), Hales, T. MacGillivray, B. Gong, Y. Rezgui, Y.

NERC: “Diversity in upland rivers and ecosystem service sustainability” (DURESS). Durance, I. Ormerod, S.

Governmental, Charity and other funding

BRE (Building Research Establishment) Ltd: “Future cities energy management of districts/estates via ICT based BIM” Rezgui, Y.

BRE and Momenta: “Cost-effective, large-scale, adaptable and deployable innovative domestic renewable energy product and process solutions” Rezgui, Y.

British Academy: “The role and interplay between private and public governance within the land-coastal zone-sea interface and the impact on food security”, Baker, S. Bueger, C. Sanderson-Bellamy, A. Cullen-Unsworth, L.

British Council: “Systems thinking and place-based methods for healthier Malaysian cities (SCHEMA), Gong, Y.

Canal and River Trust “Development of research framework programme” Marsden, T.

NIHR: Evaluation, Trials and Studies Coordinating Centre “Measuring harm and informing quality improvement longitudinality in the Welsh NHS”, Palmer, S.

NIHR: “The health impact of meeting housing quality standards” Palmer, S.

NIHR: “The health impacts of structural energy performance investments in Wales (an evaluation of the ARBED programme)”, Palmer, S.

Swedish Research Council Establishing an Indo-Pacific Seagrass Network (IPSN) to assess linkages among marine biodiversity, ecosystem services and poverty. Cullen-Unsworth, L.

Swedish Research Council Seagrass biodiversity, social-ecological systems and poverty alleviation: a collaborative, comparative study in the Indo-Pacific (SeaSTEP) Cullen-Unsworth, L.

SUSTAIN “Evaluation of the food power programme”, Nicol, C.

TSB: Developing a real time abstraction & discharge permitting process for catchment regulation and optimised water management, Rezgui, Y.

Waterloo Foundation: “Empowering community action for seagrass conservation in southeast Asia: Seagrass meadows support food security” Cullen-Unsworth, L.